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"Eric, can you help me back up so I can untie the dress?": She asked like a shy school girl.

There has to be something going on between them. Eric never follows anyone's request or orders unless demanded or by Max. He backed up a bit for me to grab his sides since his shoulders were to high. She went around to the other side of the bed, untying the dress. When that task was over with, I let the dress fall down to the ground.

"Can you put your shirt on and off, or do I need to intervene?" She asked, "Blink once if yes, blink twice if no."

I blinked once for no help. She nodded once again, handing me my shirt. I grunted a bit as I put the shirt over my head. The black shirt covered up to the top of my thighs. Someone must've went into my dresser to grab my Boyfriend shirts. As it passed over my nose, I got a sniff of.. Leo.

I took a deep breath, trying to control the emotions that wanted to fly out of my head.

"Eric she's got on a shirt." Jean informed him, walking back over to the edge of the bed.

Slowly, Eric turned back around to face me. I just responded by turning my head down.

"Set her on the bed." She ordered him as if I was a piece of paper.

But.. once again, he obeyed his 'master'. Eric never obeys anyone and I can't understand why he's obeying her so well. It must be true, then.. I looked at her clothing once more before he touched me. Erudite.. She's smart. Heh, he needs a smart one. Maybe they are dating.. and I can't accept the concept just yet..

I felt Eric's arm slide around my waist and into my right hand. He led me downwards to the bed. When Jean's head was turned, he leaned his head against mine, only for a second, then lifted it back up when she turned back around to face us. What was that?

"Pants." She said, lifting up the black skinny jeans.

I nodded, still a little confused and curious why he did that.

"You can move your legs, right?" She asked, interrupting my thoughts.


"Y..Yes." I whispered.

Three words, yay.

She smiled, "At least you can say that instead of those useless words."

I'll show you 'useless' words. She brought my pants into my lap, watching me carefully. Again, I felt like an experimented monkey. I bent down, putting the pants on my toes. Gradually, I brought them to my thighs.

"Eric." She said the name like a true 'Master'.

With just that, he helped me back up off of the bed, wrapping his arms around my waist, standing back a few feet. Jean bent down a bit, helping me pull them all the way up. I would say thanks, but I don't think she deserves it that much.

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