Leo's Words

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This is the third time he's came by to check up on me since the second bandaging. All the time I've been in here, he's been 'busy'. Guess, I really am that horrible to look at now. So bad that he won't even visit his old friend. Can't believe that I'm actually listening to what Leo said that one time: "Eric doesn't love anyone and you're a fool for thinking that he could love someone as nice and pretty as you are."

He most likely won't even take me now that I'm.. like this.

"Very interesting. (Y/N), is it?" She asked, like she actually cared.

Eric came to the opposite side of the scar. I turned my head more to Max and Jean so that Eric could see the bandaging. I hate him. Not because he isn't here like he promised me nor because he doesn't want to love me anymore.. I hate him, because he doesn't even seem to like me anymore, just because of my skin.

I hate that and I hate him for it. He's a liar and a player, and I wish that I had never met him that day..

"I got good news, (L/N)." Max started, catching my actual attention.

I'm finally going to be Factionless?

"You get to be release. Jean and Eric will help you move around to get out of this area, and everything else. Oh! I almost forgot." He added.

He pointed down to the end of the bed. I followed his pointing finger down to the end of the bed. I saw clothing and.. a white mask.

"I know how you're feeling about this, (L/N), so I got you something to cover up the bleeding bandages." Max smiled like a child.

Jeez, thanks (No Sarcasm).

"Well, I'll leave you to it.": He nodded off, stepping away from my bed, walking out of the door.

"Okay, Eric, you can turn around." Jean told him.

All I heard was the squeak of his combat boots from him. She got in front of the bed, holding her hands out for me to take. I rolled my eye, leaning up from the bed. It hurt like Hell, but I'll be damned before I want her help.

"Okay, well, you can do that." She noted, putting on blue gloves.

What? Am I now a disease? It's just my face and she won't be touching my face nor my neck. I pushed the covers off of me, trying not to move my neck too much, again. Next, she got back in front of me. She made me put my hands on her shoulders while she put her hands on my waist. She helped me balance as I stood up for the first time in weeks.

"You're doing good, (Y/N)." She praised me like I was a pup.

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