My life

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I hope you will want to read more of this story!! I got inspired from other stories and liked how this turned out. :)

Kim's point of view:

I walked down the hall, holding my books tightly to my chest. I looked at every corner making sure someone didn't come at me. I put my head down and walked to my locker, I hesitantly opened it and it immediately slammed shut. I jumped, my heart felt like it was in my throat. All my books fell to the floor, I quickly bent down to pick them up but someone pushed me back. I fell on my butt and looked up, it was nash grier.

Nash grier was the reason I don't want to come to school or even go home. He pushes me around, like he owns me, he thinks he can do whatever he wants to me.... Which is kinda what he does. He doesn't care about me, emotionally or physically, I always get bruises in random spots because of him. I cry every night because of him, I'm always so shy and afraid and insecure that I don't have much friends. My best friends are Erica and tabby, my guy best friend is matthew espinosa. They have always been there for me, they try their best, even though they know they can't do much. We all planned on moving to LA when we finish high school and leave all this. Can't wait for that.

I began to pick up my stuff again, not making eye contact with nash. I hear him chuckle through his gritted teeth. I picked up my things and got up, I began to open my locker again. Nash was just watching me, leaning against the locker next to mine. "Aren't you going to say something kimmy?" I hate when he called me kimmy, and he knows it. He does it to tease me and annoy me. "What do you want nash?" I asked, as confident as I could. "HEADS UP!" I heard someone shout, before I could turn around and look, I felt liquid hit me and splash all over the back of my head. My mouth opened and my eyes closed from shock. I heard nash laughing and Cameron's laugh. Cameron Dallas was Nash's best friend, they are both terrible people. I look at Cameron, in huge anger. "Oh my god.... That's halarious" Cameron said laughing so hard I thought he was going to choke. On second thought, lets hope that happens.

I slam my locker and quickly run to the bathroom.

I hear people laughing and giggling. Tears begin to run down my face, I open the bathroom door, thankfully no one was in here. I look at the mirror and see yellow and blue thick liquid all over my back. It looks like paint, what is Cameron doing with paint??

I sob,crying, while I turn on the sink and try to rinse my hair as much as I could.

I heard the door open and saw it was Erica. "Oh my god!! What happened?!" She asked in shock "Cameron and nash" I said between sobs. "I'm so sorry! Here let me help" she got paper and tried to take some off. "It's no use! Just... I'm going home" I rushed out the door and heard Erica running after me. "I'm coming with" she said. We walked out the school and into my car. It's red and small. That's all to know about it.

We drove to my house and I ran into the shower.

This stuff was disgusting! It felt like towels were pinned down on my head and hair. That's how heavy it was.

It took me about 40 minutes to rinse it all out.

I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body. "Got it out?" Erica asked. "Yep!" I waked into my room and looked through my dresser, and decided to put on some sweatpants and a hoodie.

I looked over at Erica, letting her know to turn around.

"Im turnin, I'm turnin"

I giggled and put on my sports bra first, and then my underwear. "Okay you can look" I said, not all finished.

"Wow... Looks like those bruises haven't healed yet" I looked at my mirror and was in shock. My wrist had finger mark bruises from Nash's hard grip on them. My legs had a few from him kicking me. Then a few on my back, from him slamming me into lockers. "Yeah" I whispered. A tear going down my cheek.

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