Bandage Removal

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If it wasn't for the lost feeling of my lips, I would've actually smiled at the man.

"Can you move anything?" Eric asked me.

Funny, how I can't feel anything on my right. The smile that I wanted to show, disappeared from my wants. My eyes started to squint at the memories. I want to cry, I want to scream..

"Calm down, (Y/N). It's okay. He's not going to hurt you anymore." Four quickly promised me.

He put a hand on my body. A place where I couldn't feel, I'm guessing. I can't feel the right side of my face, I can't blink nor move my right eye around, I can't feel my lips and I can't feel my tongue..

"(Y/N), stop panicking. Look at me." Eric's order rung through my head.

Slowly, I moved my left eye to look at him. He stared at me, intensely.

"He's gone, I made sure of it, along with his little buddies. He's never going to touch you and he will never hurt you, again." Eric promised me.

Unlike Four, I believed him. I trusted him more than Four's words. He's gone.. He's gone, listen to him, (Y/N). He won't hurt you.. Eric promised you..

"I need you guys to leave, it's time to change her bandages." I heard the woman's voice again.

This time it was nicer than before. I could sense some anger in it though. Why is she angry?

"We'll be back, (Y/N)." Four promised me.

He sent a smile from above, a very rare smile that he barely ever showed anyone.

"We promise." Eric agreed with the boy that he never really ever agreed with.

Slowly, he leaned down to me. Even though I couldn't feel it, I could still tell what it is: A kiss. Then, everything went black.

* Two Weeks Later *

It's been six weeks since the accident with Leo and them. All three of them were sent out to be Factionless, and then, mysteriously killed one night. Eric killed them himself. Max just covered it up for him. I haven't been able to take off my bandages, officially, until today. Honestly, I've lost all feeling..

Doctor says I won't be able to see out of my right eye at all. Feelings on my lips will come back, though, and my face will be scarred.

"Do you want Eric to stay in here while we take off the bandages?" The nurse asked me.

"Blink once if so and blink twice if you don't." She added, quickly.

I blinked once. She nodded, allowing the nurses to let go of the struggling man. He quickly got to my side, like he's been doing for the past weeks. He came to my side, holding my hand, tightly but not enough to hurt it. The bandages were peeled off of my faces, it didn't hurt and didn't sting. It just felt.. weird.

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