Shooting Stars (Sebastian)

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(Fluff) (Female Reader)

"Seeebbyyy~" A soft whisper came from the space beside the dark haired boy. He groaned as a hand shook his shoulder. "Sebby wake up~" The whisper came again. Opening his tired eyes he found his wife kneeling beside the bed, looking at him with excited eyes. "Good! You're awake." She grinned, her voice still quiet.

"What time is it...?" Sebastian mumbled, voice still groggy from sleep.

"That doesn't matter. Just hurry and get up!" Her eyes sparkled with excitement as she stood and quickly walked to the front door and out into the night.

As tempting as it was to fall back asleep, Sebastian's curiosity got the better of him. He wanted to know what exactly his wife was up to. Grumbling incoherently, he stood from the warm confines of the blankets and followed in the woman's footsteps to the door. Stepping out into the cool night air, he saw (Y/N) sitting on the edge of the porch with a blanket draped around her shoulders and two mugs of coffee sitting next to her, she was staring up at the sky. Sitting beside her, Sebastian finally questioned her enthusiasm. "Why exactly did you wake me up at two am?" His snarky tone made the woman smile. Her eyes never leaving the sky, she pointed up in response.

Shifting his gaze upward he was met with brilliant streaks of light flashing through the sky. A meteor shower. Immediately, he forgave her for waking him up so early. The view was beautiful, and you could see it so clearly from their place in the valley.

"Make a wish Sebby..." (Y/N) whispered.

Looking back at her, the beautiful woman that he gets to call his wife, he knew what he wanted to wish for.

'(Y/N)... Please stay by my side forever...'

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