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The Destiny Child

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Hi! My name is Cassidy Brian. I'm a fifteen year old girl with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I try to be as normal as I can. I'm not human. I'm a Kilk. Kilks are aliens, but we don't like being called that. My best friend, Vin, is only person that I know that is a Kilk. My parents don't know that I'm not human because they adopted me.

Kilks can do anything we put our mind to. Moving thing with our minds, freezing people and things, controling fire, you name it. Sadly, Kilks our divided in to two groups, the good Kilks and the Galarkians. Galarkians want to kill all humans and rule the world while us, the good Kilk, want to live in peace and harmony. They also want to kill the good Kilks because we don't want to dominate the world

Galarkians especially want to kill me. I'm the Destiny Child. Legend has it that the first child born with a Galarkian and a human shall destroy the Galarkians. My dad was a Galarkian and my mom was a human. They had a plan that they will marry humans then kill them. When my dad and my mom were on their honeymoon, he almost killed her, but my dad couldn't do it. He fell in love with her.

When I was four, I heard my mom screaming. I ran to their room, finding my mom with a knife in her back. I saw my dad with tears in his eyes. He grabbed the knife in my mom's back and inserted it in his stomach. I have nightmares about that day. I never forget it.

This is my story. This is how I take down the Galarkians. This is my life in words.

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