The Secret

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Elliott's POV

Matt was right. I didn't last twenty-four hours. In fact, I didn't even last three more hours. And the stupidest part of all was that I cracked to my mother.

"You know them, right Ma? The Alpha twins from the pack in Manomet! What's it called? Glacier Pack or something? Which is kind of a stupid name, but they're badass Ma, I swear it! And so hot. I mean—are you even listening?"

Ma glanced up distractedly from her computer. Her wide blue eyes focused on me, like she just realized I was in the room. Actually, frazzled was her default look these days. "Huh? Elliott, sweetheart, you know I'm trying to pass this class. I'm in a Master's program honey, I'm busy."

"Right, but did you hear me? They kissed. No, they made out!"

She sighed. "Elliott, you need to be more open minded. They could be mates, then what are they supposed to do? The Moon Goddess wants what she wants."

I heaved a sigh. "I know, Ma, that's not why I'm freaking out! I'm freaking out because it's, like, not fair! It just isn't! The hot scales of the universe are unbalanced now! Two dashing men as hot as Oliver and Tate Moore are destined to pair off with a lovely girl or a willing white wolf, such as myself, to bare their doubtlessly extraordinarily attractive children! Not that I would bare their children, that's crazy, but—"

"Elliott? Please be quiet, I'm trying to write an essay." She put her hair in a messy bun and adjusted her glasses. "I love you, you know I do, but please go play with your friends or do drugs or whatever seventeen year olds are up to these days."

"Seventeen year olds!" I blurted. "It just doesn't add up, Ma! The Moore twins are seventeen, how are they supposed to know that they're each others mates?"

"Hmm, yeah sweetie."


"Sorry, sorry! I don't know, maybe they have the same wolf? Sometimes that happens—one wolf soul in two people. Or maybe they share the same mate, that could be it. I don't know! The Moon Goddess gets weird with twins, honey."

"Hmm... interesting. Well, thanks Ma! Good luck with your paper, I'm gonna shoot some heroin with Ryan!"

"Hmm, yeah... wait, what? Honey!"

"Love you, Ma!" I kissed her cheek and she squeezed mine.

"Love you too, doll. Make good decisions. Don't lose your virginity to some sleezy guy while you're hopped up on heroin, ya hear? Oh, be back before dinner, your father is bringing home a rotisserie."

"You got it! Bye, Ma"

"Bye Eli!"

I left our two story home and glanced around. Some werewolf packs lived in one big pack house, or sometimes they lived in a community deep in the woods. My pack was a little more, uh, social with the humans. We lived on three separate streets of a human neighborhood, with the main pack house at the end of Robin St. That was where our Alpha and Luna lived, with their three children.

I wondered what kind of set-up the Moore twin's pack had.

No, bad Elliott! I really needed to get those two out of my head.

It only took a few minutes to get to Ryan's house. She lived a couple neighborhoods over, and I may or may not have used my freaking incredible werewolf running abilities to give myself a boost.

Pssh. And my friends at school thought I wasn't athletic.

"Elliott! Look up, dummy!"

I looked up. There was Ryan, dangling her head and one arm out a window. Her black hair ("It's Raven black, Elliott, and it's the only good color to dye an emo girl's hair") was cut so short and gelled so thick that it hardly moved out of place, even half upside-down. Her facial piercings shone in the sun and her thick layer of eyeshadow made her brown eyes look black.

"Damn girl, lookin' depressed!" I called up to her. She gave me a wide grin.

"Thanks, babe! Get in here!"

I hustled into her house and barely paused to say hi to her mom. Then, remembering who the fuck I was, I stopped and kissed her on the cheek and wished her a good day. Mama ain't raise no disrespectful bitch. "I love you, sweetheart. I wish you weren't gay so you could marry my daughter and teach her to like life."

"... Thank you."

That was about when I decided to leave. I went upstairs and I settled down on Ryan's bed. She gave me an impish grin from her black beanbag chair. "So..."

I grimaced and glanced around at the hard-rock posters on her walls. The occasional Satanic symbol was painted in red on her black walls. "I'm ignoring you," I informed her.

"Elliott! You can't! I just have to know."

"Ryan! Listen to me. I've told no one, not even Stella! And she's been texting me like crazy trying to figure it out. I'm gonna hold strong this time, it's important," I said. I decided to leave out the fact that I was weak-willed and easily manipulated, because she definitely would use it to her advantage.

"You've told somebody," she said, squinting at me. "I just have a feeling. You'd be way more antsy if you hadn't gotten it off your chest yet."

"... Okay, fine. I might've told my mom."

"Elliott! Of all the people? That's so not cool," she glared at me until I began to feel slightly uncomfortable. "Did you have bathroom sex?"

"WHAT! Ryan, no, what the hell dudette?" I stammered. I felt my cheeks begin to heat up. Her eyes narrowed.

"Hmm... suspicious. Very suspicious. I'm nearly convinced of it now. Do you know about bacterial colonies? And what can happen to the interior of an anus when the two of them meet?" Her brows drew together in a concerned line. "I'm not sure the bathroom was your best bet."

I groaned. "Listen to me. I did not take part in bathroom sex." After studying her doubtful expression, I decided to save my own ass rather than cover for the sexy (and also incestual) Moore twins. "I nearly walked in on it though."

"AHHH I knew you'd break! Who, who, who?" she bounced up and down so excitedly you'd think she was being electrocuted. I kind of wanted to record it and post it to ruin her emo cred.

"That, I'm not telling you." I wouldn't. I really, really, really wouldn't. This time.

"Yeah, right! I'll give ya one day, but after that you'll be dying to spill," Ryan cackled. "I bet it was Jess and Andy, huh? Everyone knows they've screwed at school before."

I snorted. "Hmm, yeah, maybe it was."

I was so suave.

"Maybe, maybe," Ryan mused. "Alright then, I'll drop it. Let me show you my new Ouiji board and we can summon some supernatural creatures. But mark my words, I'll crack you Mr. Davis."

I snorted. "You don't need a Ouiji board to summon a supernatural creature, I'm standing right here."

"Ha! Stop, self-depreciating humor from you is one in a million, you gotta warn me before that shit!"

What a dummy.

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