[LEMON] Yandere!Villian!Midoriya x Reader

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Sexy af up there^^^ like I'm running out of tissues to stop the blood

Sorry this took so long(it's got minimal editing since I wanted to get this up for y'all lovely chirren)Y'all are 3rd years now btw and the quirk is pretty simple

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Sorry this took so long(it's got minimal editing since I wanted to get this up for y'all lovely chirren)
Y'all are 3rd years now btw and the quirk is pretty simple. You can call it sloth I guess. If you've ever watched Seven Deadly Sins, you get King/harlequin's power. You can levitate/fly and use the Chastiefol. And yes, you get the pillow, cuz why not?

(Hi this is 2020 me looking thru lol. There are a shit ton of comment asking if your quirk is king or if you are king. YES ARE BASICALLY KINGA YOU GET ALL HIS POWERS like I said up there lol^^^ n e ways have fun lol it's long)

I didn't think it would ever get this bad. So bad to the point where the officials had to send out not only the pros, but the hero's in training too. One of those is me.

I stood in the middle of the chaos, quirks firing left and right. I couldn't move, no matter how much I wanted to. It was like being in a dream.

I was knocked back to my senses when my teammate, Tomi bumped into after being blown back from an attack. "What the hell are you standing there for (y/n)? Get out of the way before someone fucking dies!"

He continued fighting and I ran to my other teammate Gin. She wasn't happy to see me. "Get the hell out of here!" She yelled as the thick silver needles left her hand, piercing the nomu's eyes. She didn't want me either.

I thought about helping Chiyo, but while standing her ground, she glanced over. We made eye contact for a split second and her face went dark. Not a chance.

I just stood there. Again. It wasn't long until a few pros came and took care of everything. A leading officer stood with a megaphone "All hero's in training, please report to the next district as soon as possible.

This was really bad. I walked toward the bus that would transport us back again with my head down. I felt useless. Tomi walked past me, hitting his shoulder roughly on mine. "Watch where you're going, sloth." Chiyo and Gin caught up with him, looking back at me. They giggled and continued on their way.

I wanted to cry. But I couldn't.

"Hey! You need to hurry up!" And officer yelled. I nodded.

I decided not to take the bus. I would just end up suffering even more. When I rounded the corner of the empty road I activated my quirk making my big fluffy pillow appear.

It's funny how my quirk gets me in trouble yet it comforts me so much.

I grabbed onto the pillow as it began to slowly levitate and followed the speeding bus.

Arriving at the destination I slowly descended with a small click of my shoes. The pillow disappeared into a small cloud of smoke. Everyone was already fighting so I decided I might as well for once. A nomu began to run up to me. I held out my hand and the large spear appeared. I smirked, waiting for the nomu to get closer. Right as I was getting ready to strike, Tomi jumped in front, blasting his light quirk. The Nomu fell back in a burnt crisp. "Pshh. Weak." He commented before running to fight something else.

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