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Chapter 19

The last month of my pregnancy has been really eventful, you know with me about to pop anytime soon, Randal and I were getting all the last time baby supplies and organizing my hospital bag. Everything in her nursery was done and all that we were waiting on was my baby girl. I was getting anxious and uncomfortable. The nine months were up and I wanted this baby out of me.

"I can't believe your nine months pregnant," Tiffany commented hanging up another one of my baby girl's clothes.

I was sitting on the floor and eating as we talked.

"Yeah, I'll finally get to see her. I can't wait."

"How's it going to feel when the baby comes? Are you gonna miss your baby bump?"

"I don't actually know and I won't till I have the baby and we take it home. Although I read on this mommy website the first few months are going to be hard with the baby waking up every two hours and all. So I guess that part is going to be hard especially with school, but no I don't think I'll miss the belly," I answered Tiffany.

"I'm proud of you for handling this situation like this," she said. She walked over to me and bent down to give me a hug. "What time is your doctor's appointment?"

"It's at 2 pm." I down looked at my watch to check the time. "Randal better hurry up before I'm late."

"Calm down he'll be ready soon. Have you and your mom talked recently, you know since the baby could pop out any day?"

"Yeah, we talked two days ago. She said to call when my water breaks-"

"I'm ready!" I heard Randal call interrupting me.


"Are you excited?"

"Randal your about the eighth person to ask me that and it's getting pretty annoying." I turned away from Randal and stared out the window watching everything go by.

Randal and I's relationship wasn't doing the best and it was pretty clear we were done trying to fix it. I understood where it all went wrong. Having sex and then getting pregnant wasn't the best way to start the relationship. I didn't like him, I just thought he was cute, but because I was pregnant with his baby there was no way I could end the 'relationship'. I tried forcing myself to like him and it worked for a bit until I slowly started to resent him and drift away, by the time I realized what was happening I didn't care enough to fix it. It doesn't help either that I was cheating on him with Alex. Although is it really cheating?

It's funny how a few months ago I wouldn't dare cheat on anyone. Even Kendal who's a no good asshole that didn't deserve to love or be loved. And now I'm trying to justify cheating on the father of my baby.

"I know you don't love me and I know you don't want to get married," Randal muttered.

I looked over at him, but he didn't look at me. His eyes were glued to the road. I hated this feeling, the feeling of crying. Your eyes start to water and your cheeks start getting warm, but worst of all this lump in your throat that makes it hard to swallow. "This isn't a fairytale and sadly not all stories end in a happily ever after."


"Does that mean you guys broke up?" Sami asked stroking my hair.

"We weren't even in a real relationship, he probably just stayed with me because of the baby," I answered wiping away my tears.

"Then why are you crying? You said you didn't have feelings for him."

"I don't know, I probably just feel bad for cheating on him."

"Alex right?"

I nodded as I closed my eyes.

"Do you know where Randal is?" Sami asked. I feel her shift around on my bed.

"After the appointment, he dropped me home and then left."

"I have to get going, but the best advice I can give you is forget about guys right now. You don't need them, you have a baby girl you need to take care of and guys will just complicate things. Randal should stay here and help you with the baby because you'll need it. So what you guys aren't meant to be, you still have a kid with him and that will never change."

"Thank you Sami, I'll call you later." I stood up and walked with her to the front door. We hugged and I locked the front door. I made my way to the baby's nursery.


"This isn't going to work out. It's not you it's me. Alex I have a daughter on the way and I shouldn't be focusing on any guy right now."

He stared at me, probably shocked that I had invited him over to break it off.

"Is it because of Randal? Do you have feelings for him?" He asked staring straight at me.

"No, I don't have feelings for Randal, but he is the baby's father and we have to be at least be friends or something so we can take care of the baby together."

"Bullshit" he yelled angrily. "Fuck you and him." I heard him stomp his way out my house and slam the door after him.

There was this sudden tightening in my stomach and I instantly knew what it was forming reading about it in this pregnancy book. It was a contraction indicating I was in labor. I was finally going to have Jade in my arms.

Author's note- this is the last chapter :) I hope you guys enjoyed it and hopefully it wasn't too short. I'm sad to end this story, and I actually was planning on doing more, but I didn't want to prolong things, if you get what I mean. Anyways I'm debating on whether I want to do a sequel or not because I was hoping I could edit and fix a couple of things before I wrote the sequel, but I don't have the time to edit right now. But yeah, the story has ended so it's time for me to go now. Oh and if there isn't a sequel the babies names are Jade, Jake, and James, one girl and two boys. Bye and thanks to everyone who has read, commented and/or voted for this story. 👋✌️

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