1000 Strong: Zombie Shark Highway

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Review of Zombie Shark Highway

Author: MeaghanMcIsaac

Reviewer: Goodnight_Saigon

When I first saw the title of the book, I had to swallow down a laugh. It brought me back to Halloween four years ago when, in lieu of an actually scary movie, my friends and I sat down to watch Sharknado. It was late, it was dark, and instead of being afraid to sleep that night, we laughed at the cheesiness of one of Hollywood's most notorious groaners.

I expected a similar level of corniness from a story with "Zombie Shark" in its title, but from the first paragraph of the book, @MeaghanMcIsaac drew me in with beautiful writing and a captivating story that gave me a little slap on the hand, warning me not to be so quick to judge a book.

Before beginning, can I just mention how refreshing it is to read a book set in Canada? While I am a couple of provinces over, it's just so satisfying to read about some young Canadian kids in the midst of a zombie (shark) apocalypse. Anyway, mini-rant over. I'll try to refrain from making awful shark-related puns, but no promises. Grab your harpoon guns, start up your boat, and whatever you do, don't fall in the water...

First off, let me just say that the writing as a whole was pretty damn good, technically and stylistically--a double whammy! Short, punchy sentences matched up alongside short, punchy chapters to create a fast-paced action thriller, and the descriptions were so easy to picture, it was like I was watching a movie. Maybe a little more description would have be nice though, and there were some minor grammatical errors.

The dialogue itself was fin-tastic! Pretty realistic for high school students! I also really enjoyed the chosen narrative perspective, third person but with a focus on different characters throughout the book to give multiple points of views.

All right, so, confession time. Usually, I'm not one for a good girl/bad boy story, it's overused, it's cliché, it's tired, whatever you want to say about it, but this time... I gotta say... I ate it up! The characters were lovable and distinctive, perhaps a little fast-paced with the romance aspect, but I still fell for it hook, line, and sinker. It made me melt with the cuteness!

But this is still a survival story, and the author did a good job maintaining the atmosphere of fear and danger, as well as bringing in enough blood and guts as to make it realistic but not so much as to make it ridiculous. (We're dealing with zombie sharks after all, right?) The entire story is a fabulous use of dramatic irony in that the readers know there's something going on with the sharks, yet the characters don't!

Perhaps the chapters could have a little more added to them, another plot point or two maybe, but it was an incredibly enjoyable read as is.

In short, fast-paced action, great description, lots of sharks, solid characters, and a sweet romance to boot!

Much like a zombie shark, I devoured this book within an afternoon and will be reading its sequel Lava Cat Cruise Ship as soon as I get the chance.


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