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Trish's pov

"Glad you could stop by" I let out a loud laugh while watching Holland bleed

"K-k-kristen you weren't like this" she said while trying to pull out the knife but I pushed it in further

And she whimpered

"Don't call me Kristen, call me Trish" I said and cackled and locked  the room door

"Sadly there's been report of a 20 more missing teenagers,the police are out searching for this kids but sadly some are dead and half of their bodies are missing."  The news reported while I was coming down the stairs.

"Soon it won't take time at all till I overcome this body" I laughed and went out

Daryls pov

I removed the bandage and thank God the scars are all gone

I was putting on my shirt when I felt a sharp pain in my shoulders

I ran out of the house and my wolf led me to" Mr McCall's house?" I arched a brow

"Ian if this is about my mate we will find her don't w...." I couldn't finish my sentence

I felt another sharp pain on my shoulder

I ran into the house and I was by Kristen's room door

I opened and found Holland lying on the ground beside Mr mccall

Both were loosing so much blood.

"A-A-ambulance" Holland whispered

"O-kkay" I stammered and called an ambulance

"Hide me don't let them take me, take Mr mccall" she groaned

"Why, you are hurt too" I held her hand tightly

"Just take him and hide me" she begged

I hid her in Mr McCall's room and soon the ambulance came wailing

Mr mccall was carried out in a stretcher and was placed on oxygen.

I rushed back into Mr McCall's room after the ambulance left and saw that

She was healing and rapidly too.

I gasped "Um what just happened" I asked and arched a brow

"I don't know too" she smiled while touching her shoulders.


Am okay, am healed and that's creepy too.

I hugged daryl, and saw myself in another place entirely

I was by that same well where the remaining bodies were

And gosh it stinks

I heard dragging and quickly hid behind a tree

"He can't see you " the voice said

"Okay we can never be too sure" I whispered

I saw a wolf dragging a heavy bag with his jaws , the bag dropped and the wolf shifted into a man, a very handsome one.

"That's leviathan" the voice said

"Who is he?" I asked

"The strongest and most powerful of all wolves" the voice replied

"What is he doing" I asked

"You see, he's the one responsible for the missing teenagers, the more he kills, the more he becomes powerful, right here by this well, under the full moon leviathan comes here with his pack to honour the great Canasist, the first wolf that has the power of shape-shifting until he was betrayed by his own sister trish" the voice explained

"Trish couldn't control canasis power and was killed by it, she was dead for one thousand years and could only be revived by the same blood as hers, when she revives she will be in form of smoke until she posses one body." The voice continued

"And that's Kristen,  kristen isn't evil she was being possessed by trish" I gasped

I knew my BFF wasn't evil, wait a minute I thought she was totally evil

Until I knew the truth now.

Daryls pov

She hugged me and then her heart stopped

I looked at her and she was pale

"What's going on" I asked myself feeling confused

"She's an harbinger, she sees the future before it happens and predict death." Ian explained

"So now she's in a trance" I said

"Yep" Ian replied


Leviathan unzipped the bag and was pouring something into the well

I think it's it's

The halves of the missing teenagers.

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