n~still Jayy's pov<3~

I grabbed all the pill bottles and grabbed Dahvie from were he was laying on a couch. I dragged him outside to were Scar was with BVB. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE SCAR?" I yelled. Her eyes widened and she started to sob. "ARE YOU A DRUGGIE OR SOME SHIT??!!!!???" I yelled louder. Her friend Sammi showed up and saw her. (now this is Jinxx's Sammi). Sammi knelt to the ground near her. "Jayy she use to be addicted. Those aren't hers. Look at the name on the pill bottle." She said quietly hugging Scar. I looked at the name. It was her dads name. The pills hadent been touched. Scar had been glaring at me for the past 5 minuets. She pushed her self off the ground and ran. She had her phone and the keys to the bus. Fuck. "Dahvie do you hav an extra key to the bus? Scar has one. Well mine anyway." I said looking at the ground. Dahvie shook his head. We were locked out. Ashley's phone rang and he got up walked away and answered it. I had no idea who it was. Jinxx and Sammi were making out. I knew Scar had a friend named Sammi who was going to be here tomorrow.


I was talking to Scar. She was up in the big tree near the mainstage. I sighed and walked to her. I had to climb up the tree. She was at the very top wedged between two branches. I was going to kill her if I fell. I finally got to her and sat on the thickest branch there was. She was still crying a bit. I pulled her to me and hugged her tight. She had told us earlier about her past addiction. She had freaked out when she saw the Ecstasy in her purse. Jayy needed to untwist his panties and trust Scar. She was a beautiful amazing person. She was just as dirty minded as me. I loved that about her. I was falling hard.(AWWH that would have been an epic wayy to end the chapter but i feel the need to make this chapter longer a/n)

~1 hour later~

me and Scar were laying on my bunk listening to Vampires Everywhere. The guys were somewhere doing something. She muttered something and fell asleep. She curled her self into my side. She had her head on my chest and was breathing slowly. Normally I would sleep in the backroom but Jinxx and Sammi got it since they were the couple on the bus. Her soft breathing made me sleepy. I slowly fell asleep.

I woke up to drunk yelling. I wrapped my arms around Scar tighter. I looked around the curtian carefully to see C.C and some drunk prostitute. Normally there would be me and a drunk prostitute somewere but I was happier here with Scar. She sighed in her sleep and her finger nails tried to find hold against my skin. Almost like she was clawing. She wimpered, this scared me normally she was smiling in her sleep her hands clawed at my skin again it hurt like a motherfucker. I woke her up frowning worried about her. She looked around like crazy when she woke up. "Are you ok?" I quietly whispered. She nodded and pointed towards the curtian and whispered "C.C?" I nodded knowing she was hearing the drunken people talking. She intwined her fingers in mine and looked at me with her beautiful grey eyes that could be mistaken for green or blue. She softly smiled at me and slowly crawled ontop of me. She put her chin on my chest and was looking at me. Suddenly we heard moaning noises coming from the girl and then c.c yelled "oh fuck yeah" We were trying so hard not to laugh but it was impossible. She let out a small giggle. She sighed and looked around the curtian and she made a barfing noise. "Never again am I going to be able to look at C.C with a straight face." She whispered. I nodded understanding. Id seen C.C naked plenty of times on accident. I'm sure for her it was ten times worse. "Dont they have a room?" She whispered softly. I shrugged smiling as she layed back down ontop of me. She played with my hair and her eyes went big as c.c yelled "Im cumming im cumming". I rolled my eyes and looked at her. She was slowly drifted back to sleep.

~SAMMI'S POV~ (Scar's freind not Jinxx's Sammi)

~the next morning~

I woke up to my friends voice. "SAMMIE GET YOUR FUCKING ASS UP BEFORE I GET YOUR DOG IN HERE AND HE WILL LICK YOUR FACE OFF AND THEN ILL BE LAUGHING AND LAUGHING AND THEN DAHVIE WILL COME IN HERE AND YOU WILL DIE FROM EXCITEMENT NOW WAKE THE FUCK UPI!!!!!!!!" Scar yelled. She sighed and called somebody. I groaned and hid under my covers. She disappeared for a few minuets and then came back. Suddenly ice cold water was poured all over me. I jumped up quick. She laughed and then i heard a deeper voice laughing. It was Ashley fucking Purdy. I nearly had a heartattack, "HI OMG IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!" I gushed and ran up and hugged him. I heard Scar trying not to laugh. He hesitantly hugged me back. I was getting him wet. "Umm sorry." I said stepping back. There was the shape of me on his grey shirt. "Well Hi." He said standing awkwardly. "CHARLOTTE YOU DIDNT TELL ME HE WAS COMING!" I yelled at her. She giggled and Ashley laughed silently. I then noticed her and Ashley's hands. Their fingers intertwined. "Are you two-" i said they stepped away from each other. They both blushed. "Urm no. Just really good friends." Scar said quietly. Ashley nodded along with her. Something was up between them. I went and took a shower. I shoo'd ashley and Scar out of my room because I needed to change. They would make a cute couple. I heard them talking. "I cant belive what happened yesterday." She said quietly. "Jayy shouldnt have done that infront of every band on warped." Ashley said. He sounded kinda sad. What did Jayy do? I wondered. I finally finished getting dressed. I was in ripped skinnyjeans a SWS shirt I had on one fishnet glove and I had done my eyeliner/warpaint exactly like Andy's old warpaint. Like knives and pens old. I walked out of my room to them. Scar had been tapping her foot impatiently. I still called her Charlotte to piss her off but sometimes I slipped and called her Scar. They made me sit in the back of her Camaro. I sighed and sang along to, If you cant hang by Sleeping With Sirens. Scar was sing her heart out with this song. We finally got to the venue. Scar parked her car right near Blood On The Dance Floor's bus. I was shaking with nervousness and excitment. Scar and Ashley got out and was waiting for me to get out. "GET YOUR FUCKING ASS OUT OF THE CAR IF YOU WANNA MEET DAHVIE OR JAYY!" She yelled going and standing by Ashley who sighed. "Ahh classic fangirl move." Ashley muttered as I got out of the car fast. I jumped on Scar's back. She sighed and wrapped her arms around my legs so i wasnt killing her by putting all my weight on her neck. She walked onto the BOTDF bus slowly and unsurley. Ashley tensed up behind me. "BANANA!!! GET YOUR FUCKING ASS OUT HERE!! SAMMI IS HERE!!! GODDAMNIT YOU BETTER NOT BE ASLEEP." She screamed . Who the fuck pooped in her cornflakes? I thought to my self. I then did a double take over her. Her eyes were red. You could only see alittle of her real eyes past her red contacts. Her cheeks were slightly puffy. What happened yesterday? My train of thought was lost as Jayy and Dahvie walked out of the room together. I fainted. I felt someone catch me probably Scar. When I woke up Scar was leaning over me freaking the fuck out. When i woke up she hugged me tight. I saw Dahvie and Jayy and jumped up. "OMGIMYOURBIGGESTFAN" i gushed and started crying. I knew if i spoke again id go worse than fangirl on them. "Hey! I thought you were my biggest fan" Ashley said and pretended to cry. I ran over to Dahvie and Jayy and hugged them tight. Scar and Ashley laughed. Scar seemed to be avoiding Jayy. "Okies guys now that she is hopefully done fangirling. This is Sammi. My best friend. Dahvie she is the one you texted that night." Scar said. Jayy looked over me. He smirked at me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me outside. He pushed me against the bus and started making out with me. I wiggled out of his grip and glared at him. I was amazed that he kissed me but that fucking jerk forced him self on me. He looked at me and tried to kiss me again. Scar ran off the bus and was glaring at him. She started screaming and yelling at him. She looked like she was about to kill him. I slapped him hard as i could. His face turned red and his face whipped to the side. I broke down and Scar came to me. Ashley grabbed me and pulled me off to the side. I got to meet Andy Biersack and Ashley left me with him.

~Scar's pov.~

I was mad enough to kill him now. "YOU DONT FUCKING KISS MY BEST FRIEND YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE." I screamed pushing him against the bus and getting in his face. "YOU FUCKING WORTHLESS WHORE! YOU RUIN EVERYTHING." He yelled in my face. I punched him hard. His nose started bleeding. I hoped I fucking broke it. I started crying. I just punched the man I had been in love with. I forced the tears back and stomped to Sleeping With Siren's bus. (remember in this story Kellin isnt married.) I just walked in not giving a fuck about knocking. "Kellin." I yelled and then i fell. I couldnt stand. I started sobbing my eyes out. Kellin was by my side in an instant soothing me. After I could talk I told Kellin everything. I started from the day i met him to now. Kellin's face filled with anger when I told him that Jayy called me a worthless whore. Kellin grabbed md and pulled me into his lap protectivly. He rocked me back and forth like I was a baby. I ignored all the text from Jayy. There were 32 of them before he gave up. I got Dahvie to bring all my stuff to Black Veil Brides bus. i was staying there again. I spent the first night at SWS bus because I passed out there and so did Ashley. I fell asleep laying on Kellin's lap with my feet in Ashley's lap. I was pretty comftrable. I don't know about the boys but I slept like a baby. I spent one night back at BOTDF's bus and me and Jayy fight, sometimes I feel like I'm fucking this tour up.

~The next morning~

I woke up to a banging on SWS's bus. It was 4AM. I groaned and got up answered it. It was Andy. I grinned he had oil and baby powder. We covered Ashley in oil and baby powder and went back to BVB's bus and did it to everyone else. Me and Andy high fived and camped out in the bathroom so they wouldnt find us. Sammi had gone home because she wasnt handling what happened well. We snuck onto BOTDF's bus. We took all their candy, babypowder, vodka thats like the only alcohol they had. I looked at Jayy who had been crying. I looked at his arm and thought "Oh crap" He had just passed out when I walked in. I picked up Jayy woke up Dahvie and ran to the E.R. It was ten minuets running. I was crying like a baby. When i got there they saw Jayy's arm and immediantly took him in. A doctor walked out. "Jayy Monroe?" He asked. I jumped up and nearly tackled him. "How is he!!???!!!??" the doctor didnt answer. He was looking at me like i was the biggest fucking freak alive. "GOD DAMNIT HOW IS HE???!!!???" i screamed. He looked over me once more. Mother fucker. I thought. "We dont have his type of blood. He may die." The doctor said. My heart broke. He was type O. I was type O."IM TYPE O! " i nearly screamed as the doctor was telling me it was time to tell Jayy goodbye. They had to take two pints of my blood. Normally it would only take one but Jayy needed allot. I was dizzy and lightheaded. They made me drink orange juice and eat a cookie. Soon I was feeling better. I was still unstable. I could barley walk and I was still dizzy. I got to Jayy's room I stumbled in. I fell over twice just getting inside. Jayy was awake and watching me. "W-what happened to you?" He asked. I was twice as pale as I normally would. "Blood. I had to give two pints of blood for you. They took half of a third just incase." I said. stumbling over to his bed. I was almost there when I just fell over and passed out. I just remember hitting my head and seeing blood.

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