i think-

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i think i kinda like someone.

there i said it.

he's really nice. when we had to sign up for our clubs he waited for me to get all of my stuff while the rest of my friends were running like their lives depended on it because slots filled up easily. he's generally nice to everyone, even asshats.

he isn't weirded out by me in general. im a lonely weeb with only a handful of friends that cant even stand during discussion to recite without my hand shaking like it had its own mini-earthquake, but he still talks to me anyway.

he praises me on the little shit i get right, like exercises we do in class, and i swear it makes me feel like i matter as a person.

and i'll never have him ;w;)/


at the same time, this honestly kind of scares me. the last time i liked someone, it turned into a disaster. he turned out not to be the person i thought he was, and dumped me because i had gave off a "vibe". though to be fair he was my first, and me being dumb and inexperienced, didn't see through the surface.

what makes things even more complicated, is that one of my closest friends likes him too, and has done so for a much longer time. i guess in the meantime i'll put my feelings aside, since it's nothing serious.

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