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My eyes fluttered open and I was in a room with a cream wallpaper

Boys wallpaper all over the room, a black hoodie hanging on the wall

The room is strawberry scented and to top it all a hand was wrapped around my waist.

I rubbed my eyes and saw daryl sleeping peacefully, his hair ruffled and smiling lightly like a new born baby .

Wait a minute daryl

I screamed and jumped removing his hand from my waist, he fell on the ground and groaned

"Ugh, what the hell was that!!!" He yelled

"What am I doing in your room" I looked around

I don't even know how I got here.

"I should be asking you why the Hell you were running like a lunatic and passed out on me" he nodded his head and got up from the ground

He's so hot right now, Um I mean not that he's that hot.

I got down from the bed and tried to open the door but he blocked me

"And where do you think you are going?" He asked

I just stared at how muscular he his, he even had a bandage on his stomach

"Um I believe am communicating here" he snapped his fingers

I pushed him outta my way and ran out.

Daryls pov

She pushed me and I fell on my bed

"Ugh remind me never to help anyone ever again" I said

"Hey dude" Ian said

"This is not time to tease me ian" I replied

"Am not, you just let your mate out the door" he said

"Of course I let her out she ju..... am sorry mate????" I arched a brow

"Yea" Ian replied

"Look ian just because I helped her doesn't make her my mate okay?" I smiled

"No seriously she is" Ian replied

"Oh damn you aren't making things anymore easy, if someone is my mate I will know by talking about her Continuously, am not saying she can't be my mate, she's pretty, red haired , nice, strong, sorry very strong and Jesus she's hot... oh yeah she is my mate.

"Hmnhmn" Ian said

I rushed downstairs but she was already gone.


I saw a red haired girl running out of Daryls room in a hurry

Hmnhmn, my brother sure knows his taste

I went to the kitchen and my brother rushed downstairs

"Hey bro" I smirked and sipped my coffee

"Spill it Camille what did you do" he said

"Nothing, I just saw a red haired girl running out of your room" i shrugged and winked at me

"No no no don't wink we had nothing together" he ran his hands through his hair and sighed.

I just laughed and walked into my room.


I ran home, I took the keys under the rug by the entrance.

I went in, I rushed to my room and brushed my teeth

I and take a bathe. I came out of the bathroom, I applied lotion on my body

I wore a black Jean and tank top and with my black hoodie.

I opened the fridge to get something out to eat since I haven't eaten since like is it three days?

Maybe,I brought out pasta and microwaved it and ate, I drank a whole bottle of water and rushed out of the house.

I drove to Mr McCall's house.

I dinged the bell but no answer but then I noticed the door was opened

I entered, "Mr McCall, Mr McCall!" I said gently

The house is just so quiet and unlike Mr mccall he would have been getting ready to go to work by now.

I went upstairs to Kristen's room and saw Mr mccall laying on the floor his throat slashed

"Aaaaaagh!!!" I screamed

"Mr McCall" I called and was shaking his body, he's unconscious and was loosing blood.

The door creaked open and I got up but no one was there I turned and before I could say Kristen

I  Got stabbed on my shoulder.

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