When You Break Up With Him

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DragonBlade was definitely not in the mood. You never thought he would ever yell at you, but sadly he did.

You walk in the room and found him still, he wasn't doing anything.

You had a feeling something was wrong, so you ask.

"Is everything alright?"

He didn't answer or look up.


He still didn't answer.

"Is everything okay DragonBlade?"

He growls and roars as loud as he can.

He growls and roars as loud as he can

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"FUCK OFF!!" He yelled.

You were shocked and speechless, you never thought he would yell at you like that.

Then five agents came running in and pointed their guns at DragonBlade. Then one of the researchers came in and saw what was happening.

"Behave SCP-682!" He yelled at him.

"Y/n are you alright?" He ask.

"Y-yea I'm a-alright." You quietly said.
Tears were forming in your eyes but you didn't show.

"I-I think I want to be resigned to interview another SCP." You said.

You grab your things and walked out the room. You shut the door behind you and ran off to the break room where thankfully no one was there, you lock the door behind and cried your eyes out.


Doctor wasn't himself today if anything you didn't think it will probably be the last time you'll see him.

You were interviewing him, and he didn't feel like talking to you for some reason. The researcher saw this and brought another interviewer, while you had to leave.

You were now with the researcher watching the interviewer and Doctor talking. The researcher turned the mic on so you can hear.

"I've had enough of her already. I don't want to see her right now." Doctor said to the other interviewer.

Your heart broke, never in your life have you thought that Doctor would say that. Let alone doesn't want to see you. You don't know why you haven't done anything that would upset him.

You try your best to hold it in and you simply walked out of the room, knowing that you didn't want to see him anymore.


The captain asked you to deliver Shadow's meal, you agreed.

You walked down the dim lit hallway till you reached Shadow's chamber. You knocked on the door.

"Shadow it's me okay, I'm here to give you your meal okay." You said slowly opening the door.

You shut the door behind you and his chamber was almost completely dark. You then hear growling.


You still hear growling.

"Shadow it's me y/n are you okay?"

The growling became louder and you could kind of see Shadow and his giant black wolf form. He runs straight towards you and pins you to the ground making you drop the food.

He keeps growling like he's going to mutilate you. You got extremely scared and you started to cry.

"Shadow it's me, please let me go!"

He opens his jaws and was going to bite your neck. Until you saw at least ten agents quickly open the door and ran to your rescue. Two of them protected you while the rest of them tranquilize Shadow.

"Y/n are you alright?" One of them said.

"Y-yea I'm fine.."

"Come on let take to the Infirmary." One of the agents carried you Bridal Style to the Infirmary. On your way there a tear roll down your cheek, you never thought you be afraid of Shadow, you never thought that he would attack you but he did. You can't help but feel a little terrified of him now and you think that you need a break from him.


You should have known something like this would happen. In fact, he even called you a bitch the first time you met him.

You and an interviewer had to give an interview to Glitch. And little did you know that he definitely wasn't in the mood for an interview.

At first, he was quiet until the interviewer asked him a few personal questions regarding his interactions with other SCP's. And that set him off, he started yelling curse words to you and the interviewer. You tried to calm him down, but he didn't listen and kept going.

You immediately walked out of the room as soon as he called you a bitch again just like the first time you met.

You were tired of his attitude especially right now of how he treated you, treated you like you were nothing to him anymore like the first time you met.

You took that to heart and simply asked the researcher if you could be assigned to another SCP. The researcher agreed thinking that you finally lost your temper, that SCP-079 has finally crossed your line. When really he broke your heart.

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