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Mary's POV

"Fuck!" I woke up .

I looked around and saw that I was in LA. I was dreaming. That shit was crazy damn I even had a boyfriend and trusted him . Oh hell no . I don't trust or love anyone like that . My mind is now creating fake shit and i have to stop it .

I got out of my bed and looked at my clothes they were filled with blood . I looked in the mirror and saw cuts and bruises on my face . Fuck ! I guess I came home and just knocked out after I beat Ethan's wife up . Damn that was fun and stressful at the same time .

I took a quick shower , cleaned my cuts , and put some Neosporin then covered them with some bandages . I lied back down and sighed in tiredness.

I haven't had a fist fight in a while .

"Wake up babygirl wake up !" I heard some one say .

"Wake up babygirl." I heard again.

"Wake up babygirl." I woke up again and saw August standing right next to me . 

"I'm Sorry I just had a horrible nightmare ." I tell him .

"Ok I was just checking on you baby." He kissed me and I kissed back .

A couple hours later in the studio

Ethan's POV

This temptation is getting to me . I've been get pictures of her every day . I just admire her beauty and sexiness . God damn she only keeps getting finer and finer as the weeks go by . I miss her more and more as the days go by .

Right now I'm sitting in my black Escalade outside of her studio where she's currently in .
I'm about to have her all to myself.

I got off the car and walked to her door . I pulled out the copy I got secretly made .

Mary's POV

I was listening to some more beats trying to find my next big hit that's going to hit the charts .

I don't play no more shit . At this point my mentality it's in another state .

Nothing scares me . The fear of death is gone . My mind is immune to Any sort of thing that might hurt me today , tomorrow, or in the future.

Trust is only given to the people who really did something to make me who I am right now . My past is scary . My child hood was filled with good and terrifying memories . Me and my family came from nothing and turned it into something . At this moment I just want to be alone .

I've run very far that I can't even speak of the reason why .

I hear the studio door open and in comes Ethan with a gun .

I guess he wants to see what he has  transformed me into .

"How's life going princess." He says with a smirk .

"Wonderful I've been getting my money and  kept close with my brothers . How are you Dolan?" I replied with a fake smile.

"Nothing much but crave your body . Cause that's what I'm here for ." He looked me up and  down and bit his lip .

"Oh you can keep craving it cause you're not getting anything."

He points the gun  in between my head  . I stood there with my hands up but no fear.

"You haven't received any pleasure since I left , so this is your moment princess." He says not knowing what I'm about to say .

"Well I have and Grayson gave it to me . I got to say he's way bigger and better than you . Next to him yours looks like a shrimp ."  I said With a smirk .

His jaw and fist clenched. His grip on the gun got tighter .  I smiled at the sight .

"You know damn well MINE IS BIGGER AND BETTER!" He lost his cool.

"Trust me you're not even close to Grayson's level of expertise in sex ." I lied once again

"Oh baby . You know I made you scream like no other ." He tried it .

"Dolan Shut the fuck up before your ass gets beat ." I spit .

"How about you Shut the fuck up and strip . Like the prostitute you really are." He cocked the gun back meaning he was ready to shoot .

But I saw his hand was shaky . He was scared . He didn't want to do this . I looked at him deep in his eyes and saw they were glossy . He didn't mean to say any of these words . He was vulnerable and miserable from what happened.
His ex-wife really hurt him physically and emotionally.

I swiftly took the gun out of his hand without any problems. His eyes got even more glossy. I put the safety on the gun and threw it across the room .

I slowly and carefully walked towards him until I was right in front of him . I hugged him and as soon as I did that he melted into my arms .

He broke down . I knew he was hurt .

He slowly slid down until he was on his knees hugging my legs . I ran my hands through his hair gently , making him relax.

"I'm sorry ." He sobbed .

"It's ok  ." I said In a gentle voice.

I took him to the couch and held him in my arms as he let out his tears .

"It hurts ." He held me tight.

"Relax." I whispered.

"I  miss you princess." He said.

"Just relax ." I whispered again.

As I sat there with him in my arms I thought about August. Ethan reminded me of August when he cries .

August cries in my arms not wanting to let me go .

As much as Ethan might've hurt me I still feel terrible for what is going on in his life right now.   He is really afraid. He's scared of new changes and I know that . Life slapped him in the face whenever his wife cheated . I bet it came crashing down .

He's still hurt from the pain his wife caused him . Or is he hurt because I love someone else the way I used to love him ?


"I love you Mary  . I hate seeing you love him the way you tried to love me ." He broke down again leaving me in shock .

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