Shadowhunter's Revenge (Roleplay ;)

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There's a whole world and people in it are called

Shadowhunters and they fight demons. Humans can't

see these Shadowhunters unless the hunters have a quality

called glamour which only attractive men can see them.

Humans have no idea Shadowhunters walk among them. 

They try to keep it that way but what happens when a group of

VERY attractive men see two girls with guns and swords?


Name: Jacqari Hill

Age: 15

History: Has been a shadowhunter since birth and has been training since she could walk. Awesome family, awesome friends, great life. Except for the fact that they constantly have to fight demons.

Personality: Is very bubbly and says what she feels. Is one crazy biotch xD but if you make her mad, you better run. She has a thing for hot guys and totally thinks the humans are hot but too bad they can't see her, eh? Loves hanging out and being wild

Weapons: A long silver/black whip, two silver pistols

Name:Dominique Muñiz Gómez

Age: 16

History: Has been a Shadowhunter her entire life something that has been dropped down from generation to generation in her family. 

Personality: feisty, doesn't believe in love, short temper, hyper, funny

Weapons: ninja stars, a leather whip and a golden small dagger with intricate designs that was from her ancestors

Name: Jaden McLeen

Age: 16

Looks: Taylor Lautner

History: Is a human and lives with his parents, he likes street fighting and loves girls

Personality: flirty, romantic, sporty

Name: Nathan Connery

Age: 16

Looks: Alex Pettyfer

History: Lives with his older sister since his parents died when he was four years old

Personality: cocky, sexy

Name: Jordin Rush

Age: 17

Looks: Zac Efron

History: is human and has a great life with great friends and great family

Personality: sarcastic, flirty, cocky, funny

Name: Leonidas Howard

Age: 16 1/2

Looks: Francisco Lachowski

History: his dad died when he was three, so he lives with his mom and his grandparents.

Personality: sporty, fun, flirty, cool

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