Chapter 25

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I entered the playroom and saw father and son duo laughing.
Jayden was tickling Zack while Zack was laughing trying to free himself.
"Mommy!!!" Zack called to me as soon as he saw me.
Jayden left him and he came running towards me.
He held my legs and looked up at me.
"Mommy, help!" He said in his cute voice.
I looked at Jayden who was sitting on the floor and looking at Zack smiling.
His coat was lying on the nearby armchair and his sleeves were folded till his arms showing his muscles. His muscles...
"Mommy!!" Zack said breaking my trance.
I blinked my eyes and looked back at him and bent down on my knees.
"Let's tickle daddy." I whispered in his ears and he nodded his head laughing and clapping. Jayden gave us a confused look.
He ran towards his dad and started tickling him.
"Mommy!! Come!! Fast!!!" Zack called out when Jayden held his one hand.
I walked towards them and Jayden looked at me with wide eyes.
I bent on my knees and started tickling Jayden.
He started laughing trying to free himself from us.
"I give up! You win!!" He said laughing and raising his hands in surrender.
Zack and I looked at each other and started laughing.
"Yippee!!!" Zack said jumping and clapping his hands.
"Zack, let's have another competition!" Jayden said and Zack became all serious.
He picked up two remote control cars and looked at Zack.
"With these, ok?" He said to Zack and Zack looked at me.
"You and mommy one team and I on the other. How about that?" He said to Zack.
Zack smiled nodding.
"From this wall to that one. The first car to finish will win." He said to Zack and Zack nodded in full competitive mode.
I looked at them amazed. They are getting really competitive! And Zack who is so cute is all serious about it!!! Wow!!!
Zack sat in my lap and Jayden sat opposite to us.
We both held the remote controller together.
The cars were standing at the starting line.
"On the count of three... One... Two... Three!!!" Jayden said and both the car started.
Zack and I moved the car with the controller. We were leading with Jayden's car close by us.
"Yes!!!!!" Zack said as our car finished first.
"No!!!!" Jayden said sighing.
"Mommy!!! We won!!!" Zack said hugging me.
I smiled looking at his smiling face.
"Once more!!" Zack said.
"Let's do it!!" Jayden said.
We had matches till early afternoon and each time Zack and I won or you can say Jayden let us win. I know that he is doing just to see Zack's happy and excited face. The happiness that can be seen in his eyes when he wins. I would have done the same if I were in Jayden's place.

"Zack, it's time for your afternoon nap." I said for the fifth time.
"No. Not sleepy." He answered for the fifth time, looking through his toys to decide which to play next.
He would always fall asleep by this time but today he refuses to sleep.
"Daddy! Tower!!" He said taking it out and showing it to Jayden.
"Ok!!" Jayden said.
"Jayden!!" I said to him.
"It's ok. Let him play today." He said and went on to take out the tower pieces.
I shook my head. What are you doing Julia?!!! How can you even say anything here?!! You are just a nanny and just because he let you be his son's fake mom doesn't mean that you get any right to say or decide anything related to his son! He is the one who gets to decide and you are only supposed to say yes and obey!! I just let the fake mom part get to my head. I will have to keep it in mind. Jayden is kind enough not to say anything because he remembers his deal about the fake happy family. It's me who got too involved.
I looked over to them, Zack was making the tower while Jayden was encouraging him.
When I see them like this, I feel that they don't need anyone else to be happy...
"Mommy!!" Zack called out to me, gesturing me to come using his hands.
Maybe Zack needs me for now... It makes me little happy and relieved that I won't be left behind.
I went to sit with them.
"Cheer for him." Jayden whispered to me.
"You can do it, Zack!!" I cheered for Zack.
"Yes!! Go Zack Go!!!" Jayden said.
Ring... Ring...
My phone rang.
I looked at the caller id. Charles!!!
"One minute," I said to Jayden and he nodded his head.
I went to the corner.
"Hello!" I said picking up the call.
"I was waiting for your call!!! Where were you?!! Did you forget your dearest friend!!!" Came the voice of Charles.
"Hello, Charles!" I said smiling.
"I don't want your hello. Why didn't you call me?" He asked trying to sound hurt.
"Why is my Charles acting dramatic today? What's new?" I asked him.
He only starts this emotional dramatic version when he wants to say something but won't say it unless we beg him to. It's his way of trying to get attention.
"You are asking me!!!" He said sounding shocked.
"Charles, what is it? Tell me." I asked confused.
"You really..." He was saying when I heard Jayden calling me.
"Julia!! Come fast!! You have to see this!! Zack is making taller tower than before!!" He said to me.
"Coming!!!" I replied to him.
"Charles, so sorry but I really have to go right now." I said into the phone.
"What's going on? Shouldn't Jayden be in his office and Zack asleep!" He said shocked.
"I will tell you about that some other time. I gotta go! I will call you! Bye!!!" I said and hang up the call.
I hurried to join them.
"Wow!!! Zack!!! It's amazing!!!" I said. He turned to look at me and gave me his cutest smile.
"He is not finished yet. He is still going to make it taller." Jayden said proudly.
"Really??? Zack, go for it!!!" I said clapping.
"This is... like the tallest tower any kid ever made!!" Jayden said proudly after Zack finished his hard work.
"I bet!" I said amazed.
"Let's order pizza today!!!" Jayden said and Zack's eyes brightened.
Jayden doesn't let Zack eat any junk food or anything from outside because he thinks that Zack should eat nutritious food plus the food from outside will be unhealthy and unhygienic. It may be the first time I ever heard him say yes to outside food after coming here.
"No ordering pizza from outside." Sally said coming into the room.
Zack made a sad face.
"I will make pizza by myself at home. Until then... Here... Eat these sandwiches." She said giving me the tray.
"Is that ok, Zack?" She asked Zack.
"Yes!" He said smiling brightly.
He was about to grab a sandwich but I slide the tray to the side.
He gave me a confused look.
"First, wash your hands! Everyone!" I said and he nodded his head.

We sat there in the playroom again after dinner.
Zack and Jayden have been playing one game after another since morning.
In the evening they played football in the garden while I sat there watching and cheering for Zack.
It wasn't actually football but more like passing the football to each other. But, Zack was happy. And that's what matters.
Jayden told me that he has a football and a basketball court under construction on his property.
His estate is really large which not only has a mansion and servant house but there is a lot more space to construct whatever he wants to. So, he decided to get these built for Zack. I don't know how Zack will need them when he is a single child. He doesn't have anyone to play with yet. As for Jayden, he will play sometimes, not always.
It's true that he will make friends as he goes to school and college and they can come here and play but I still don't think that there is any need to built it here. I mean, it's up to Zack and maybe he would want to play something else but I can't possibly argue with Jayden, I don't have any right to.
So, I am just keeping quiet and trying not to do or say anything stupid.
At present Jayden got an idea of making a card house, so the father and son are making one with utmost concentration. They look so cute with those serious expressions. They look totally alike. I mean their expression is totally the same!! I just want to take their picture and make it into a frame to hang in my room but that's creepy considering I am a nanny, an outsider. I shouldn't even think about doing something like this. It will just creep out Jayden and he will definitely keep his son away from me.
At least, I can look at them all I want.
"Mommy!!" Zack said and I looked to my left where he was standing holding my hand.
Wasn't he just standing there with Jayden?
I looked at Jayden and he gave me a confused look.
I was so lost in my thinking that I didn't even notice that they have completed their card house.
"Come!!" Zack said pulling my hand.
I got up and went where Jayden was sitting.
"Wow!! It's so tall!!" I said amazed, looking at the card house.
"Zack is so talented!!!" I said hugging Zack.
Ahem ahem...
Jayden cleared his throat.
I looked at him.
"Zack really did a great job, right Jayden?" I said to him.
"I helped him!" He said.
I started laughing.
"Zack, let's go to bed. I will read you a bedtime story." I said picking up Zack.
"Hey!! You should listen to people when they are talking!" Jayden called out from behind.
"It's Zack's bedtime! Let's go Jayden!!!" I said walking out of the room.
"Zack!! Tell mommy that I helped you!!" Jayden complained.
Zack and I giggled together.

I closed the door behind me.
Zack is asleep and today Jayden narrated the story with dramatic effects and sounds. I must say, he is a good storyteller. But, believing that it's the same rude and ever angry Jayden is so difficult. I saw a completely new side of him today.
He said that this was his usual morning and that means it was an amazing day for Zack but a sad one for Jayden. He must have felt like crying. He did cry that day in his garden. Will he cry today too? Today... He must have remembered his wife and... it must have hurt him a lot.
"Today must be a really difficult day for you, right?" He said as I came out of Zack's nursery.
I didn't reply.
"Zack is just like his mom. She too was really competitive. Don't get me wrong, she was really kind but once someone challenges her to a competition, she would become a tigress! He too is the same." He said laughing.
"I can't do this again." I said.
His eyes became wide with shock. He stared at me with a shock and confused expression.

Their day went by really amazing. But then Julia doesn't want to do this again? Even though she knows how happy it makes Zack! Why?? 😱
I may have fast forwarded from evening to night but I thought that it will just extend the chapter and turn it boring so I just wrote that in one paragraph. Hope you enjoyed this side of Jayden😉 There is more to come😉

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