♡Not Your Type? ~ Part Two♡

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I held my breath as Michael stared me down. Frank quietly stood up and left, making me want to shoot him in the head.

"I....can explain-"

Michael held out his hand, as if to stop me from talking.

"Relax," he laughed. "I'm not a lot of people's type,"

I shook my head violently, standing up in the process.

"No, it isn't like that," I looked to the floor. "Trust me, it isn't the situation,"

Michael shrugged and shoved his hands into the pockets if his pants. After a long moment, he spoke - addressing the crew.

"That's it for the day! I need to go out for a walk,"

With that, Michael brushed past me - making me frown as I heard him sniffle a little. I widened my eyes and stood up, running after Michael.

Eventually, I had managed to follow him to the back of the building - pulling his hand back so that he could turn to face me.

"Wait," I whispered as he looked into my eyes.

"Who would want me anyway?" Michael shook his head. "The one girl I love is standing before me yet-"

With that, I covered Michael's lips with mine. He responded instantly, rubbing my lower back before I pulled away.

"I'm all yours," I whispered against his lips. "I love you,"

Guys,this was short - but that's because I'm heavily medicated.
Lemme know your thoughts!
Lots of love! xxx

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