Liam Vergil! Isabella groaned lightly she finished off her lunch underneath the maple tree where she was sitting for the past two hours preparing for her final paper before she went home-with Liam. Another groan escaped her lips as she saw the immaculate man came out from the black Cadillac Sixteen that had everyone goggling. The man never ceased to amaze her with his presence. He always attracted attention and he wasn't even trying to. He was tall, dark and sinfully handsome. He was like a stalking panther when he walked. He was perfect in every way, from the Greek god body to the fallen-angel face.

That morning he wore grey trousers and a black shirt. She knew he was straight from work and he stashed his jacket and tie somewhere in the car. She knew almost too much about this man. She had known him forever. He was her guardian after her parents died. He was as shocked as she was when the lawyer read out the will to them. He was her father's business partner and also a filthy rich family friend with a playboy reputation.

Isabella was only twelve when Liam took her under his wing. He put her through school in the best institutions. She studied German and French, the violin and art and now she was taking her degree in business-something she knew her father would be happy and proud to learn. Even though she was well above eighteen, Liam still looked after her and she didn't mind at all. She had an outstanding reputation at the university and at times it made her wonder if it was because of Liam that people liked her.

Liam was a business mogul. He was very well known and highly respected. He reeked of power, wealth and arrogance without even trying. He was the force itself.

Since she was a campus border, he made sure to visit her once every month to make sure that she was well provided for. He had a company credit card made especially for her to have access to his accounts whenever she needed money. She hardly touched the accounts and he noted that so he took higher measures and got her a personal assistant that came once every week. She reported everything to Liam, told him what she lacked and what she needed and he provided.

There was nothing that was hard for Liam to accomplish. He was just very good at what he did and to him it was the most natural thing-like breathing.

And now, he couldn't help catching the attention of the student body that sat out in the open discussing about the exams. She knew what an honor it would be to have an internship with Liam Vergil and if she wasn't wrong, that was what most of the students were hoping for but she knew the man better than anyone else. No one would last even a day under his authority! With one hand in his pocket while the other held his six hundred dollar sun shades, he made his way towards her with sure strides that ate up the distant and got him closer to her.

Isabella closed her book and got up as he got closer. God, the man was utter perfection. He had always affected her but now that she was older, she understood that her crush on him was deeper than she expected.

"Did you ever take time and think that maybe you are the last person I want to see before my final paper?" Isabella silently counted to ten to keep herself calm.

Liam's lips curved into a sensual smile and Isabella felt her insides turn into soup. "That's the nerves talking. Of course I'm the one person you need to see before your final paper. Usually it's your father or brother but with your situation, I'm the next best thing."

Isabella rolled her eyes and looked around her. "You are attracting attention again." She murmured.

"It's in my nature." It wasn't bragging but genuine admission.

"So, what did Christy tell you about me this time that you had to fly across the ocean in the morning to scold me; eating from the cafeteria?" She asked him trying hard to sound sarcastic.

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