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Author's Note:

The characters and setting are different, but the intent is still the same. Hopefully you guys still like it as much as you did four years ago!! I know I said I wouldn't change anything, but I don't feel comfortable writing Quinn as the character anymore. She only exists within the mind of fifteen year old version of me, not the current one.

New York, 1973

Her breathing came in shallow attempts, her eyes following his movements as he paced back and forth in front of her. She had never been so anxious in her entire life. He glanced at her from the corner of his eye, emphasizing his observation in the fact that she was trying far too hard to control herself.

"Miss Salas," His voice carried through within vibrations into her entire body. "I believe there is some business to attend to?"

"You called the meeting," She reminded him, trying not to seem as if she had been staring the entire time he had been pacing slowly in front of her.

Light flooded the room, illuminating the two people in the room. Tension flooded the space between them, her nails digging into the leather of the chair.

"I know," He smirked at her, sitting in his own chair. She sat straighter. "I was making sure you were aware."

Mia rolled her eyes. "As if acknowledging the fact is such a hard thing to do."

At this moment, he wanted to lay her across his desk and spank her until she begged to be satisfied in another way. The way she spoke felt like grounds for him to think as such. Everything about her was delectable. He wanted to run his tongue across her body, taste every inch of her.

He wanted to own every part of her.

To him, Mia was the most compelling woman he had ever met. She was a standing opposite of every woman he had ever been with.

A black strand of hair fell across her face, highlighting her brown eyes

"Rolling your eyes is entirely unprofessional, Miss Salas," Luke sat straighter, hand stretching over the surface of his perfectly dark oak desk. "Will you allow me a moment as well?"

"To act in an unprofessional manner?" Mia was interested now, placing her hands to rest in her lap.

He nodded. Mia leaned back in her seat as if making enough room for what he was about to say.

"I want to bend you over this desk and make you cum with my mouth," He said it in a firm tone, unwavering as every syllable rolled off of his tongue.

Mia swallowed harshly, clenching her legs tighter together. The room was flooding with his desire for the woman in front of him. She leaned forward in a moment of boldness, spreading her fingers and rested them against the surface of the desk.


"Right there," He confirmed and adjusted the tightness of his tie, keeping his stare on her.

Mia let out a shaky exhale and looked down at the notes on her lap.

"We really should go over the plans for the event, Mr. Hemmings," Mia returned to her prior state of professionalism. She sifted through the pages on her lap, acting as if the CEO in front of her wasn't frothing at the mouth for her.


"Mr. Hemmings," She retorted with a knowing smile on her lips. "Your event is in a week."

"I don't give a fuck about this event," He was walking to her now, placing himself to stand between her and his desk.

Mia licked her bottom lip and looked up at him. She uncrossed her legs and exhaled softly.

"I want you," He paused and got down on his knees in front of her. His fingers ghosted over the bare skin of her legs, slipping under the material of her skirt. "On my desk."

"Right now?" She was quivering, spreading her legs wider as his hand came to tease between her thighs.

"Right now," 

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