Chapter 40: Stranger in the Order

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Tamie was calmly sleeping in her bed... when she felt a breath on her hair. She started and opened eyes, and let out a yell - Jin was sleeping next to her, in her bed, and was dressed in light blue pajamas as if nothing! She sprang up and covered herself with her blanket:

"What are you doing here?!"

Jin didn't budge. He only groaned and turned aside, eyes still closed:

"What's all the commotion? People are sleeping..."

"What the heck are you doing in my bed?!"

"Sleeping... Well, until you decided to cause a ruckus..." he muttered, half asleep. "Oh, by the way, this room sucks".

"Get out!" Tamie kicked him off the bed.

"Ouch!" Jin let out a cry as he banged on the floor. He sneered and sprang up, glaring at Tamie: "What the heck is up with you?"

"What's up with me? What's up with you?" Tamie glared back at him, "Why are you sleeping in my bed?"

"Where else could I possibly sleep?! I'm your muse!"

"Yes, you are, so you could get back into my dream world, duh!"

"I don't want to," Jin crossed his arms and turned around as if sulking.

"Huh? What's with the attitude?"

"Attitude?!" Kokujin now turned back, his eyes flashing. He grabbed Tamie's chin, making her look into his demonic icy eyes: "Know what, Goddess? You let me out of the book yourself, so now bear with it. I am free so I'll do as I please. Got that?!"

Tamie gulped, but then frowned and pushed him off:

"Fine... But today we're going to get a new room on the second floor as I became a Grandmistress when rising onto Rank Seven, so I'll tell them to get you a separate bed," she stood up, "Get out now. I need to dress".

"Such a grumpy girl you are... As if in your stories we haven't slept together at all..." 

Kokujin vanished, indeed returning into the scroll. Tamie sighed with annoyance and began with her toilette.

Now I doubt whether it was good to revive him...

After preparing herself, she walked out of the room and went up into the hall, waving a hand at her 'sisters' who were already sitting at a table together:

"Hey, girls!"

"Oh, it's Tamie!"

She ran up to them and sat beside them.

"Congratulations on becoming a Grandmistress sis!" Tiger grinned at her.

"Yeah, good job!"

"Thank you!" Tamie blushed. "Oh, damn, I'm so happy! I'm going to live on the second floor now!"

"That's amazing! And take more expensive jobs!" Tiger winked, petting Blizzard at the same time.

"So, what about your muse, Tamie?" Riza asked, "Weren't you going to revive him yesterday? How did it go?"

"Umm..." Tamie twisted her fingers as if not sure how to answer.

"Yeah, how was it? Did you manage?" Tiger got excited too, as well as the other girls.

"Well, technically I did..." she answered a little reluctantly, when, in all of a sudden, the whole crowd who was all noisy silenced all at once. "Huh? What's wrong, girls?" she looked at her friends who, just like the other members in the hall, stupefiedly gazed at a certain place.

Cherrie wordlessly pointed her behind, to the stairs that led into the basement. Tamie raised an eyebrow and looked back, but just as she saw whom they were staring at, she gasped - Kokujin?! He wore a casual black hoodie and blue jeans as if some street boy, but his eyes still sparkled in demonic light blue and it was truly a weird combination.

 Tamie raised an eyebrow and looked back, but just as she saw whom they were staring at, she gasped - Kokujin?! He wore a casual black hoodie and blue jeans as if some street boy, but his eyes still sparkled in demonic light blue and it was truly ...

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"What?" he puckered, noticing all eyes were fixed on him, "Don't you lazy bunch have your stuff to do?" he walked towards Tamie, "And the heck's with you? Seeing me for the first time?"

Tamie blinked at first, but then frowned:

"Yes, I see you for first in such casual clothing. It looks too weird on you!"

"I dress as I please," Kokujin leaned on the back of her chair with his hands, and shot a glance at her friends: "These girls are your 'sisters'? They appeared in my kingdom in such a sudden..."

The girls watched him dumbfoundedly - this weird eighteen-year-old guy was the same 'Demon Lord' that beat Erik up with his bare hands back then?! In this casual hoodie, he looked... too normal...

"Your kingdom? Tamie has been writing about us in your realm?!" Riza looked at her friend - they knew she had begun writing about them, but why in Demon Lord's realm of all places?!

"Yeah. In this new book she's writing, you're currently under my custody," Kokujin's eyes flashed with triumph.

"O... Okay..."

Tamie grinned awkwardly, feeling embarrassed that her work-in-progress was so casually shared. Then suddenly all the people ceased talking again and looked at the stairs of the second floor now - Edmund had come down. Tamie gasped - the Overlord would see her muse as an uninvited guest, and it was forbidden to bring strangers in!

"Damn... Jin, hide in the scroll or_" but Jin wasn't beside her anymore. "Huh?" she looked around, and widened eyes in shock - Jin had straightly gone up to Edmund!

"Yo," he grinned at the stupefied Magister, his eyes sparkling with innate blue fire.

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