I gasped.

He had no t-shirt on and had blue swimming trunks on him which were baggy and came down to just above his knee's. With his wild curly hair in a bit of a mess with all the wind and his tanned skin form being in the sun the whole time, he looked gorgeous!

"Hello? Gracie?" I heard Harry say, "Earth to Gracie? Hello?" he smiled down at me.

"Oh yeah, Hi!" I said quite embarressed, "You coming for a swim?"

"Hell yeah!" He shouted and ran and cannon balled into the warm water. I done the same but with a big splash.

'So much for keeping my hair dry' I thought.

We stayed in the water for about an hour. We were all in the pool now. Me and Harry were together, Katie and Niall were together and the rest of the boys were splashing about and being complete kids! After a while, Harry signaled for me to come over to the cornor of the pool to talk privatly.

"Hey beautiful," he said, winking at me making my stomach flip, "Hows about we go to dinner tonight? Just me and you?"

I didn't need to be asked twice.

"Em yeah." I said quietly, "Yeah, that sounds nice. Formal? Informal?" I asked him.

"Lets keep it inbetween," he smiled, "Oh and, nice bikini babe" he winked again and pecked me on the cheek, "See you at around 7? I call for you."

I watched as he walked of towards his cabin with a towel wrapped around his gorgeous body. Out of the cornor of my eye, I saw Katie coming towards me.

"What did lover boy want?" she asked smiling.

"He asked me out to dinner tonight. He said he would call for me around 7pm!" I said smiling, "OMG! What should I wear?!"

I looked up at the massive clock on the wall; 5pm! Have we been in the pool for 3 hours?!

"Eeeekkkk!! I only have 2 hours!" I squeeled, half in excitment and half terror!

We dashed back to our cabin and I hopped into the shower. As I got out of the shower 15 minutes later, I wrapped a towel around me and walked into our room. I couldn't see Katie in our room or our balcony, she must me in the lounge.

"Kaaatiieeeee!!" I called into the other room, Katie came running in, "Help me find some thing decent to wear?!"

10 minutes later, we had evey item of clothing we both had brought with us laid across our floor and beds. It was so handy we were the same dress and shoe size! We went through so many different outfits. Eventually, I flopped onto the bed and gave up.

"Awk Katie, I am never going to find any thing nice!" I whined, we only had an hour left.

"Yes! Yes we will!" she was determined to find me some thing.

We eventually decided on Katie maxi dress and my gold sandals. We blow dried my hair and draped it over my back and shoulders. Katie then painted my nails gold and gave me 'natural' make over. When she declared me ready she pulled me over to the full sized mirror.

I gasped.

The girl in the mirror didn't look like the Gracie Jones she knew. This gir- women, looked amazing. Her skin glowed and her eyes sparkled. The long dress made the womens legs look longer. Her arms had a slight tan.

I lifted my right arm to make sure that the women in the mirror would do as I done. Her right arm lifted as well.

"You look gorgeous Gracie!" Katie said smiling, "Harry Is going to fall right for you babe! Right quickly, go into the bedroom and I'l being him into the lounge when he comes in and then you come in and he will go mad! Your so gorg-"

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