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"Hey Jug, why didn't you tell me you were leaving RHS!" Madyson screeched. Jughead tilted his head in confusion. "Mad, do you have short memory disorder because the reason why happened days ago," Jughead said.

Madyson furrowed her brows. "What is even goin in anymore? No I do not, and for the past week all you and the others have been doing is ignoring me. I feel like I'm back in Spence again. Even Ronnie isn't telling me anything!"

Jughead's eyes widened, "Shit. I'm so sorry, Maddy. I, uh, my dad got arrested and CPS is giving me to a foster home. So, I'm moving schools... To Southside High." Madyson's eyes downward. She gives a nod and frowns. "So... Can you still hangout with us?" Madyson hopefully asked.

Jughead chuckled and ruffled the shorter girl's hair.

His and Madyson's relationship wasn't really one that was affectionate like his and Betty's. It was more like a Jason and Cheryl situation, hopefully with no dying.

In matters with Sweet Pea — he hasn't asked the girl out, with Toni constantly scolding him about it the boy was apparently shy; which is odd for such a scary looking guy. His and Maddy's relationship is more on the 'Jughead has a crush on Betty but doesn't say anything till the right moment' side.

Veronica and Madyson are better. At this point, their hole in the sibling bond is fixed almost to the end, but there's still flaws they need to buff out. The twins have also gotten with Betty, causing them to become to great threes; the 'M,V and B'. Cheryl too has become great friends with Madyson, even if they don't hang out often. Reggie... He stopped trying to seduce the Lodge and became friends.

Madyson's life was great. The only problem is that her friends seemed to be cutting her out again. Yesterday they all ignored her, so she decided to sit with Cheryl since Reggie was just with a table full of stupid jocks. "So when am I meeting your boyfriend?" Jughead snickered.

Madyson tilted her head. "Who?"

"Sweet Pe-"

"Forsythe Pendleton Jones III! Shut it!" Madyson yelled with a large red blush. Jughead laughed and shut his locker. "Why did you bone him or something?" Madyson's blush become more vivid and dark as he continued to tease her.


(Just a short chapter because some of you refuse to listen when I say I need time to myself and need to focus on shit. So fucking here. I love you all but oh my fucking god it gets annoying.)

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