12~ Love rain

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Yuna's POV

Drip drip drip. The sound of rain hitting the window is calming to hear. It's also calming to watch the limpid rain drops dripping down the window as it eventually hits the ground.

A huge, enthusiastic sigh, that came from next to me, interrupts the peacefulness. "Ahhhh.. it's so depressing. The skies are all gray, no sun to light up our day." Jungkook complains. Well, I find it quite enjoyable.'

"How could you find it enjoyable?" 'How could you not?' "Well.. when the sun is up, you get to go outside and hang out with friends! Like how I hang out with you!" 'We've never hung outside of school. Aside from when we had to do that project.'

Jungkook's eyes widen. "You're right!! We should hang out together later! Good thing you've mentioned that! Now I really want to go somewhere with you!" I shouldn't of said that.

'But anyhow, I find rain enjoyable because it's tranquil. And you get to stay indoors, taking time to yourself. Plus I don't have to see people from school.' "That means I won't be able to see you! You're okay with that?"

'Am I suppose to be affected by not seeing you?' "I'd be affected by not seeing you!" 'Sucks for you.' "It would suck!" 'I'd only go out if it's for an important event or for a person that I care about.'

"So if it was raining would you meet me if I asked?" I don't know why it took me a few moments to think about it. Of course it's a no. I find myself looking away from him.

'Let's go eat.' I say, standing up from my seat. "Yuna, how come you didn't answer my question?" We were already walking out of the classroom. I don't know why myself. I could've just said no.

'Do you want me to tell you the truth and hurt you?' "Of course!" I stop walking and face him, and he does the same. 'No. I wouldn't go if you asked.' A hurt expression was put on his face for the slightest second and was replaced with a smile.

"I bet you would." he winks. I realized that I've forgotten that he knows when I lie. Was what I said earlier all a lie then? I didn't reply though.. and in addition to that, I was pretty sure I said the second reply firmly.

Why would I deceive myself? I did have to think a few moments before.. would I really go meet him? Jungkook? I did say the truth when I said that I'd only go out if it was for an important event or for an important person.

Jungkook is..? NO. That can't be. I'm tricking my brain. Stop thinking these deceitful thoughts. It's making my heart race a little. No no no. If I think that, it'll make my heart race faster.

"Let's go eat now! I'm glad you answered." Jungkook says, interrupting my thoughts. He goes ahead while I stay behind him a few steps. I shake my head side to side a few times, trying to push the thoughts to the back of my mind.

But no matter how many times I try to push those thoughts away, my heart still races.


Shoot! I forgot my umbrella at home. I don't have a coat either. I guess I'll have to ride home soaked. "Where's your umbrella?" Jungkook asks, clearly holding an umbrella. Oh no. I know where this is going already.

Geez, I can't lie, I can't shake him off, I can't hide. Do I even bother? 'I don't have one with me.' "Whaaattt?" Jungkook says in a worried tone. "Let me take you home!" Absolutely not. I am not going to let you know where I live.

"No." he pouts. "But you're going to get sick!!" We head outside and Jungkook opens his umbrella. 'So?' He pulls me closer to him as he holds the umbrella over both of us. "You rather get sick than me taking you home and not getting sick?"

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