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Yanae walked down the staircase of her house, letting out a nervous breath as her mom made breakfast in the kitchen. She walked up to her mother, kissing her good morning.

"Morning mum," Yanae sighed.

Her mother chuckled, bringing her hands up to cup her daughter's face. "Darling, relax. You'll be just fine!"

You see, Yanae was nervous about starting college, especially in a place where she didn't know anybody.

"You think so, mum?" Yanae fiddled with her fingers, making her mother move forward to kiss her forehead.

"I know so,"


Once Yanae had left home for school, her insides began to turn a whole lot more. Being anxious was one thing, but being anxious for the first day at college - was another.

To Yanae's comfort, there would be no lessons on the first day. No, in fact - there would be a huge party to mark the beginning of the school year before any lessons commenced.

So really, Yanae was worried about fitting in. The last thing she wanted was to stick out like a sore thumb at a college party.

As the music blared throughout the school hall, and students drank themselves silly - Yanae gulped and entered the hall, instantly wincing upon the chaos.

Girls were half naked, and boys were oggling at the half naked girls. Yanae navigated through the masses of students, trying her best just to get a drink.

However, she suddenly bumped into a tall figure. Her eyes widened as she felt herself fall back, only to realize that a pair of large hands were holding her up.

Yanae's heart began to race as she studied the person before her. A boy, about five feet and nine inches tall - stood in front of her. His skin was like pure caramel, and his eyes were like the brightest stars.

His smile, however, was the icing on the cake. His smile was like the sweetest candy one had ever tasted.

"Oh, I'm so sorry I.." Yanae rambled on as the boy chuckled.

"It's fine," he studied her. After a moment, his hands were still on her waist. "I'm Michael!" he spoke over the music.

Yanae smiled widely.

"I'm Yanae!" she yelled back, making the two of them laugh.

"You...wanna get out of here?!" he moved closer to her, taking her hand.

She looked into his magical eyes and nodded. Let's just say that that moment led to a lifetime romance.

A beautiful one.

I know it sucked!
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This one was for Lovelyy-Jackson
I'm sorry!
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