Hey! Someone new enters the story. Enjoy <3           


Nik’s POV

After some moments Stella whispered “Did he do this? Your boyfriend?”

Kathy nodded her head with weariness. Stella hugged her as Kathy cried silently in her arms.

Kathy looked half unconscious and very tired so the nurse led us out saying she needed rest.

I was confused as hell!  And shocked! I couldn’t see how someone could beat a girl so ruthlessly.

Saying, “I think I should be going home.” Vally got me out of my daze. She had been very quite all afternoon.

“Me too. I’ll go catch a cab,” Stella seconded and they both left the room. It was obvious they were hurt deeply.

I decided against going home, so I went for a stroll in the forest and sat down on the grass, under a tree, with my chin propped between my knees. There is some weird connection between me and that forest. it makes me feel peaceful and refreshes my mind.

“Hey beautiful! Damsel in distress I see?”

I looked up to see a handsome guy smiling at me. At this point I wished I had X-ray vision. He was one hottie! Wearing a sleeveless T-shirt I could see his perfectly tonned biceps and sun kissed skin and guessed he had at least a four pack Yes! Am sure of it. Even while wearing nerdy glasses he looked sexy.

“I’m Aiden and as my name suggests, I aid people”

I didn’t feel safe sharing my feelings with a stranger (how much ever hot he was, because I’ve been told hot guys are always players) so I stared…

Sensing that I wasn’t going to reply, Aiden sat next to me on the grass.

“Hmm so let me guess, boyfriend problems?” I shook my head.

“Family problems?” I shook my head.

“Oh I know pet problems?” I shook my head feeling amused.

“Oh my god! Are you gay?”His eyes were wide depicting false shock.

I laughed and friendly punched him on the shoulder. “No! Am straight!”

“Aha! So you do have a voice. Say, are you hungry? Shall we go catch a bite?”

That’s when I realized I was starving. I nodded and Aiden helped me up and led me to nearest Mac Donald’s.

“I haven’t been to Mac D in ages!” I said chomping on my Mc spicy chicken.

“You’re cute when u hog food” Aiden said and pecked on my food-filled cheeks. I choked on the food and started blushing immensely. Aiden smirked. (This reminded me what mom said this morning “Nichole you’ve been eating too much these days!”)

“Oh!” I poked him on his fore arm. And thus began our little  poke fight. People on the adjoining tables were staring at us but nothing seemed to bother me or him.




We played for like thirty minutes when the waiter came and rudely asked us to leave. But I didn’t care I was having too much fun.

“Shall I walk you home m’lady?” I nodded in approval. We interlocked arms and marched all the way home in comfortable silence.