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Kivia sighed, walking into the school premises yet again. She hated school, but unfortunately, she was subjected to such torture. As she held her books close to her chest, she heard a familiar voice laughing near the entrance of the school.

When she looked up, she saw the boy she had fallen for since the first day she had laid eyes on him - Michael Jackson.

Unfortunately, Michael had - seemingly - never noticed Kivia. Michael was a bad boy, and he didn't seem to be changing anytime soon.

He loved to flirt with girls, and he liked to do it quite often.

Kivia rolled her eyes as she passed, yet again - she knew that Michael wouldn't notice her.

However, just as she reached the entrance, she heard someone whistle - making her turn her head.

"Nice dress," Michael winked, leaning back against the wall, using one of his feet to rest against the wall as well.

Kivia scoffed. What an un-gentlemanly way to compliment a girl. She said nothing, keeping her head down as she continued to walk.

"Hey!" Michael called, running after her - making several girls murmur. Kivia stopped and turned around, only to bump into Michael. His hands wrapped around her waist to keep her from falling as she used her right hand to brush her hair behind her ear. "Careful," he whispered.

Kivia found her throat going dry as she managed to steady herself.

"Thanks," she managed to mumble, making Michael chuckle. "What?" she looked up at him when she saw him staring.

Michael shook his head, putting his hands behind his back as he leaned in to whisper into Kivia's ear.

"You're beautiful," his breath brushed against the shell of her ear. "And I wanted you to know that right from the moment I saw you,"

Kivia's eyes widened.

"You...noticed me...before?"

"Every single day," he smiled a little, admiring her features up close. "From the first moment I saw you walk into class - I knew you had to be mine,"

And it wouldn't have been very long before she became his, she knew it.

"Let me take you out, darling," he looked into her eyes before pulling her close - engaging her in a heart racing kiss.

At that moment, she knew that they were meant to be.

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