Finally Okay

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I spend a lot of time
Thinking of scenarios
That will never happen
I let my imagination run wild
With the thoughts
That will never be

Today, I had this situation in my head
It was the future
Where I told you how I used to feel
And you said, that you still feel that way
But instead of falling back in love
Something else happened

I told you of everything I've been through
The darkness I've faced
The thoughts that have overwhelmed me
And I told you, that I didn't need
Any pain you would give me
I was finally okay

And that made me break down
Into tears
Except, I wasn't crying in the scenario
I was breaking down in present day, not in
My thoughts

Because I realized
I was finally okay
My shoulders fell up and down
To the rhythm of my sobs
They weren't sad tears
But tears of joy

I believe
That I am finally okay

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