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She slammed the door in my face.

She didn't even hear me out.

I walk back to her car. If this is what she wants then I'll give it to her. Tears roll down my face as I make my way home.

I stayed in my car for a while. She won't hear me out but why was I so stupid to just go with another girl. I should have waited.

I sigh.

I wipe my face and breath. I grab the flowers and step out of my car.

I open the door. And set the flowers on the kitchen table and jog upstairs to my room.

I fall back on my bed. I grab my phone from my pocket. I see a few messages and press on the most recent.

Let's go out!

I'll pick you up in 15 minuets.

I lock my phone and sit up. Rubbing my eyes I walk back downstairs and jump into my car making my way to her house.


She opens the door and smiles. Closing the door she buckled in a grabs my hand.

"Hi babe!"


"So do you want to eat first or ?"

I nod. And drive from the house. I turn the radio up as the song plays:

(We find love- Daniel Caesar)

Ever since the day that I met you
I knew you were the girl of my dreams
But we could never be


I called Halsey after and she came over.

"Your puppies are cute!" She yelled as she pet both puppies.

I laugh. "Thanks!"

We took them for a walk.

"I was thinking about buying car. But I'm not sure where to start."

"I got mine from that dealer near the mall."

"Do you think we could go there after?"

She nods. "Of course"

We dropped the dogs off at my house. And drive to the dealer.

"Can we stop to eat first Im starving"

"You're driving" I laugh

"Right!" She turned into in-n-out.

She ordered for both of us and we parked and ate.

"So, did you decide on what kind of car or you're just going to look around."

"I think I'm just going to look"

She nods.

At the Car dealer

"..also has nice leather seats, Bluetooth radio"
I sit in the driver seat.

Doesn't seem like it for me.

I nod.

"Would you keep looking?"

"Yes I'd just like to look around."

He nods. " Take your time. If you need me I'll come back in 5min."

"Thank you."

Halsey and I woke off.

"Has anything caught your eye?"

I shake my head no.

" I just don't know what to get."

"My mission is to find you a car and I will complete it" she rises her fist in the air.

I laugh.

"Oooo what about this one." I run to the blue car.

"It's so cute"

"Oh I see you've found one." A voice from behind says. It's the man from before

"Would you like to drive it?"

"Yes please!"

He hands me the keys.

I unlock the door and slide in, they do the same.

"I love it!"

He presses a button next to a radio and the top comes down.

"Oh my gosh, that's awesome!" Halsey says.

I turn the car on and pull out of the dealer.


I drove him in my new car.

Oh I'm so in love with it!

I park in front of my house and lock my car. I walk up the steps and look back.

 I walk up the steps and look back

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Ahhhh so cute.

I unlock my door and step in my house, I'm greeted by kookie and koya.

"Hello my little babies!"

What a wonderful day!

||hello beautiful people! Are you enjoying the story, is it good? I'm sorry for the semi short chapter. I chopped off all my hair and I feel like I'm wearing a wig. Thank you for voting and continuing to read my story! Have a wonderful day!||

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