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You can see it

Look around and you can see it

It's a word that's hard to say

Death         Death

Pain            Pain

Cheeks      Tears

Eyes           Eyes

Cuts           Cuts

Ribs           Rips

That's what you can see


"Look away"

"Look up"

"It doesn't concern you"

Of course it doesn't why would it?

I'm alright

I'm grand

I'm balling

I have plenty of things to distract me

As you can see

There's nothing wrong with this picture

My make-up is perfect


And worth it

As for

I'll look away

Look up

It doesn't concern me

Yet still ...

                            Metaphorical Seas 

It's perfect everything's perfect

The sea between seeing and invisibility

The attention we only pay to what we want to see

The human beings

on the other side of the metaphorical sea

In just as metaphorical invisibility

Yet still

Why does my attention drift

To the desperation

And that beautiful shine

No be proper, you'll die off madness

If you give in to the pity

Or is it compassion

To think someone deserves better?

                        I Met Life 

I looked

I crossed

I reached the other shore

Eyes met eyes

Mascara bejewelled eyes

Tired unaltered eyes

My heart exploded

Did her's too?

Beautiful, joyous explosion

Yet very sad too

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