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This a fight that I can't do anything about. I might as well just die. More of the burning sensation came once again. But now, I couldn't feel my right eye. I screamed at the thought and the additional pain. Not only could I feel Hell's fire, but I could feel the warm, crimson blood that flowed from my eye.

I give.. I give up. I might as well die since I can't do anything about this. More of the burning pain came. I let the pain take control of me. I allowed my once beloved boyfriend to break me. There's nothing I can do anymore, nothing I can say will make them stop. So, why even try? Goodbye World..

Goodbye Eric.. I'm sorry that I wasn't strong enough, and I'm sorry I didn't listen to you.

"(Y/N)!": Eric's sweet-filled voice, shouted behind the scenes of this.

I wanted to say his name, I wanted to run into his arms, I wanted to feel his touch, but nothing. If I opened my mouth anymore then I wouldn't have a tongue or teeth. Gradually, I felt myself pass out due to the pain and blood lost.. Bye Eric.

* Four Weeks Later *

"She's.. She's doing better, I promise." I heard an unfamiliar inform above my head.

"When is she going to wake up then?" Eric's harsh voice flew into my ears like a beautiful tone.

"It's hard to say, Eric." Victory's voice floated in the air, also.

"It's been four weeks, damn it!" He shouted.

I could hear the frustration in his voice. I cracked my eyes open, only to be blinded by the bright lights.

"Dim the lights!" Four's voice came in.

"It's okay, open them, (Y/N)." Four whispered on the left side of me.

Again, I tried to open my eyes. I shifted my eyes to Four who was on the left of the hospital bed. He looked down at me surprised, like he didn't believe I was alive. Something felt strange, though, I couldn't see out my right eye. What happened? Slowly, I turned my head to the right to see the staring Eric.

He and I just stared at each other. I didn't feel any pain, I didn't feel anything on my face.

"(Y/N)." He whispered, his voice raspy.

He came closer to me, faster than I've ever seen the man move. I felt his warm touch that I wanted oh-so bad. It felt so good against my cold, left cheek.

"Can she speak?" Four asked someone.

This made Eric snap his head away from me and to the person who was beside Four.

"No, her lips need time to heal along with her vocal chords. Some of the acid went to her throat.": Victory informed us.

Acid? What acid? That's when everything came back to me.. Leo, Victor, Lyric.. I turned to look at my Savior. He-He actually came to me.. He actually came. He heard me.. He saved me..

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