I awoke in the middle of the night to get a snack, go to the bathroom. I couldn't sleep much for some reason, but I somehow I got  little lost. With the combination of being tired and never walking around the castle at night before, I see how I could. While I was walking and yawning trying to find my way back to my room.  I heard a voice, and took a step back hiding behind a wall. They were in a n all white room with extremely high seating and seated according to number and in a circle. Xemnas was the highest seat and in the middle, back against the wall. The organization seemed to be holding a meeting. I was going to walk away and leave out of respect not to disrupt...until I heard my name.

            "And what of, Ayame?" Larxene asked.

            "She's gotten stronger," Vexen said.

            "And what if it doesn't work because she's so strong," Larxene said. Then the whole room was in an uproar...about me.

            "We will do as planned!" Xemnas ceased their noise. "Her heart grows closer and closer to darkness, it should be enough to out forth to Kingdom Hearts and will be a great deal of help to us. We got her for this reason. Her heart is strong and should be useful!"

            My eyes widened from what I heard....the sound of betrayal?...Manipulation? Until I heard a voice interject.

            "Is that all so necessary?" Saix said.

            "Saix?" Xemnas question.

            "I mean....what if this doesn't work and ends badly because she's so strong....what if it would be better to keep her around. She could be an exceptional alley instead of a liability."

            "Have some sympathy for the girl?"

            "No...I'm just saying what if it's better to have her on our side..."

            "I agree," Axel cut in. "I feel she's like part of the family. One of us. She fits in well here."

            "And I do like her," Larxene said. "And I don't like anyone."

            "Enough!" Xemnas yelled. "She is special for this reason! For us getting closer to our hearts."

            "As special as a pawn, or a joker," Luxord chuckled as did a few others.

            I couldn't believe it...they've been planning to use my heart toward Kingdom Hearts this whole time.  I felt like I was actually starting to belong here. They lied to me. I bet they never had hearts to begin with, they just want hearts to feel whole. Empty shells.  So in a way they're just like heartless.

            In the beginning they just wanted to fuel me with darkness and this power, to throw it towards Kingdom Hearts for their special hearts. I was only special enough to be a pawn. But now this power was mine, I wouldn't let them take it from me. I felt hurt, betrayed, sad, but mostly...angry. But first I had to get out of here.

            I wanted to charge in and get rid of them. But that wouldn't be smart I knew that I wouldn't be able to take on them all by myself for not I had to leave, but not by a dark portal. The long way. With a portal they'd be able to track me.  I had made it back to my room, but first I wrote a note for Rix, Ashtcher, and Rhys, and slipped it under Rix's door. I thanked them for the great friends they have been and they need to be careful. I warned them about the organizations plans, and I wasn't sure if they'd do the same to them. But I had hoped that I would see them again.

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