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"I hate you. I muttered as he spun us around.

He had both my arms behind me, holding them tight. I tried to step on his toes with the heels of my shoes, but that was useless. He had on hard shoes. He had this planned..

"Gentlemen~!": He called out to his 'men'.

More like cowards.

"If you bastards want to fight, stop being cowards, and let go of me!" I shouted at his 'men'.

"We aren't here to fight, (Y/N). We're here to discuss some matters." Victor's voice called from the shadows.

Slowly, he emerged from it. He held his head down low, shame on his face that he didn't want to show.

"Lyric~!" He called out for the other boy.

Just like Victor, he came out too.

"What do you want from me?" I growled at them all.

Unexpectedly, Leo pushed me to the floor, making me lose balance from the heels. I feel onto my knees, looking behind me at the man.

"Oh, Kitten~! You look so cute in that position." He smirked.

I could no longer see love and affection in his eyes, but now only coldness and lust. Something I have never seen before since I've met him. He couldn't step any closer, because Victor put a hand onto his chest, preventing him from doing anything. I turned around onto my ass, scooting back some away from the three boys.

Who are these people? They aren't the men I know and use to love.

"What has gotten into you three?" I asked looking at every single one of them, "This isn't you."

"You're righ--" Before Leo could finish, he was pushed away from in front of me.

"We don't have time for this, Leo. (Y/N), we have an important question for you." Victor said, getting onto one of his knees.

I looked into his eyes, trying to find anything that was actually like him in his mind. Nothing. He didn't even sound the same. His voice was much, much more deeper than his original.

"What." I said, not a question.

"We want you to join us and a group of others.": He offered, crawled a bit closer to me, "We are an organization that is here to take over the world. No more Factions, only one."

Only one Faction?

"You're so fucking crazy." I growled, "Who's Faction will take over? Divergents?"

He chuckled, "No, Cutie. A much more powerful system will take over. Just take my hand."

He laid his hand out for me take to.

"And if I don't go with you idiots?"

"Then, I guess we have no choice, but to eliminate you." He stated.

"Come on, (Y/N). It'll be so much fun. Plus, your boyfriend will be there with you every step of the way." Leo pointed to himself, thinking he's all high and mighty.

If I scream, maybe it'll wake someone.

"You have three seconds." Lyric said.

If I fight back, I may have a chance unless they have guns.

"One." Leo muttered.

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