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In the morning, you'd woken up before Yujin, a first in a long time. It was probably because of the apprehension already building inside you at the idea of what would happen later. You'd gone on dates before you met Johnny, but he was the first person you'd truly been in a relationship with since you'd had Yujin. And you were so incredibly nervous for her to meet him. You knew that she vaguely knew where you went whenever you left her with a babysitter, but this would be the first time she'd actually meet any boyfriend of yours. Looking at your clock, you saw that it wasn't even seven yet, and burrowed your face into your pillow to just lay in your bed for a little while longer. You eventually pulled yourself out of bed. Maybe a nice long shower would help you relax. And maybe Yujin would stay asleep long enough for you to take a shower.

The warm water should've help your tense muscles, but instead the alone time only let your thoughts run wild and made you more anxious.

What if Johnny had changed his mind since last night and didn't show up?

Or worse yet, what if he did show up but changed his mind in that moment and left you?

The worst possibly, however, was that Yujin wouldn't like him.

If Yujin hated Johnny, you feared that your relationship with him wouldn't last long. Not because your daughter determined who you dated, but if she didn't like him that would make your relationship much more difficult, and eventually fall apart.

"Cool, thanks brain, I feel so much better now." You grumbled aloud, throwing your head back to rinse the shampoo out of your hair.

The anxiety in your stomach was eating away you with more ferocity now, and maybe it would eat all of you so that you didn't have to do this. Despite your wishes, you stepped out of the shower intact, and changed into park-appropriate clothing. Yujin liked to make you go on everything on the playground with her, and pick flowers or weeds that she thought were pretty anyway, the both of you always getting dirty within just ten minutes of arriving.

"Mommy!" Yujin suddenly appeared in your bedroom, right after you had adjusted your clothes in the mirror.

"Yujie! Good morning!" You said as she skipped over to you, looking up at you expectantly.

You leaned down, kissing her cheek then turning your head to let her kiss yours. "Good morning, Mommy!"

"How'd you sleep, little one?" You asked, guiding her out of her bedroom, one hand brushing through her hair to try to rid her of the bedhead she'd accumulated overnight.


"Did you have fun with Naeun last night?"

"Yep! I like Naeun unnie better than Ms. Haseul."

"I'll keep that in mind for next time then." You looked at the clock above your stove, it was ten till nine. You should get Yujin dressed and her stuff packed before starting breakfast.

"Did you have fun last night too, Mommy?" She questioned, looking up at you with curious eyes as you shuffled her back towards her room.

"Yes, I did." Inside her bedroom, you sat down on the side of her bed, and patted the spot beside you. "Come here, sweetpea. I've got something to tell you."

"Are we getting a puppy?" She asked excitedly, clambering up next to you.

A smile tugged at the corners of your mouth as you thought of Johnny, she wasn't exactly wrong. "No, Yujie."

"Then what is it?"

You tried to think of how to start this conversation, you'd never addressed her lack of another parental figure, and she'd never questioned it. A small hand rested on your palm then, your daughter had sensed your distress.

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