Chapter 7

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(Lance's  POV again sorry) warning:Homophobic language and a snotty Allura sorry..

I had gotten home. My father wasn't the nicest. so hearing my story on why I wasn't home, he told me something I never wanna hear again 

"Allura told me, you've been hanging out with a Fag and his brother Lance" my father stand at the doorway with me. I look him in the eye.

"Yes, father.." I agree as I feel tears build up. I choke them back with fear

"And, he is even like friends with this Fag!!" Allura stamps her foot like a brat 

"Where'd you hear this!" I had so much anger that was boiling up inside me

"Coran" Allura steps back 

"I'm sorry Lance.. She made me" Coran stands next to me in shame. 

"It's ok Coran.." I look at my worried dad 

"I won't let you become like him Lance" my father was hinting at Keith's family and how I should never talk to my only friend ever again "your banned from seeing him, Lance"


"No buts son, got to your room" Coran pushes me to my room. I break free but he grabs both of my arms

"YOU CANNOT DO THIS DAD, PLEASE! YOU FUCKEN BITCH!" my dad glares at me as I struggle from Corans grip. 

"I'm sorry Lance" Coran pushes me into my room, I felt my tears non stop flow down my cheeks

"Leave me alone" I stand up and slam the door and bellyflop onto my bed in anger. The colors in the sky fade a grey as the rain starts falling slowly hitting my window making a little banging sound that calmed me down a lot. 

I hear my door creak open 

"Hey, it's Matthew.. And lotors here too" Matt stands at my door holding some blue poky, it was my favorite ever since Keith shared a pack of strawberry and blueberry poky with me

"Come in" I sit up on my bed 

"We're sorry about what happened" they hand me the poky. Lotor stands up and looks at my wall

"That's him right?" He points to the wall that had a few pics of me, him, and Matt and one lonely picture of Keith with a small blue, red, and Purple Hearts 

"Y-yeah" I sniffle and stand up "there's more" I open my closet, it had pictures and pictures of moments I will never forget. Like the one time when me and Matt went fishing, or the day I met Keith.. We were in high school.. I past him in the halls every so often, he was in a group project of mine once, but after we never met again till the Starbucks thing.. 

"He's cute.." Matt elbows me but stops and looks at the wall of memories " you have a free day, sneak out and bring Keith here" he shows me a few places

"I like this one, 'bring him around town and show him my favorite things around New York' I like that" 

"Ok, we'll bring him there tomorrow Lance" Lotor pats my back 

"Ok" I feel the mood become more positive "let's watch a movie" I go and sit on my bed and turn the tv on that I had 

"Let's watch Love, Nate! (#noflippincopyright)" Matt smiles 

"Fineeeee" I drag out my E in fine. Lotor smiles and pulls up some chairs  "Thanks form helping guys.." I look over at Lotor who dims the light "the hell?" 

"What? I have bad eyes" Lotor shrugs 

"Sureeee" Matt smirks. The rest of the day they helped me get better, and I thank them the  Allura walked in. 

"So Lance, your taking Keith around town tomorrow~. Let's break his heart dear~" she holds a lighter and a picture of Keith. She burns the photo. I fake a smirk

"Ok" I gulped 'shit, what did I just say?!'

End of chapter 

Word count: 695

Ok so I won't be able to post tomorrow, maybe. Anyway it's a 50, 50 chance. I have a lot to do so it might come out late at night again cuz dis came out around fucken 10:35 sorry for that.. Anyway stay Awesome cuz I ain't! 

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