[9] Amelia's Last Night of 'Normal'

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Amelia was cleared to go home shortly after her discussion with Doctor Cullen

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Amelia was cleared to go home shortly after her discussion with Doctor Cullen. Having been told that his children would meet with her soon, she immediately went home and put together her best outfit to talk with them, which was a blue dress and a flower from the vase on her window sill.

As soon as her outfit was picked out, she opened her craft closet and got out a canvas and acrylic paints. Immediately sketching out an outline of Rosalie and her boyfriend, whom Amelia had forgotten the name of.

"What are you doing?" Bella's voice can from the doorway, her eyes looking at the canvas.

"I'm making Rosalie a painting, such beauty shouldn't go uncaptured," as Amelia spoke she mixed paints on her palette, hoping to get the perfect color.

"So...you're just gonna have a picture in your room of her and Emmett?"

Amelia eyes lit up and she pointed the paintbrush in the air in excitement, paint falling in her hair, "Emmett! That's his name, I forgot." She went back to her painting quickly, writing his name on the bottom to remind herself. "And no, I will not be keeping it here, I'm giving it to her as a gift!"

Bella smiled, uncertainty laced in her smile, "Won't she think that you giving her it is a little... I dunno, weird?"

Amelia giggled, "Bells, we passed the point of people thinking I'm normal long ago. Now out, I need to focus on my masterpiece if I'm to finish it by tomorrow!"

Bella frowned, "Don't you have a paper due tomorrow?"

Amelia nodded, "Creativity is far more important than that."

Bella tried once more to stop Amelia, "What about Peter and the lost boys? Don't you want to see them?"

Amelia went quiet and stopped painting for a split second, a frown making it's way to her face, she quickly shook her head and smiled brightly, though it was far too big and far too fake. "They'll last one night without me, Peter is very understanding...and cute."

Bella raised an eyebrow, "Do you have a crush on him?"

Amelia laughed and shook her head, curls bouncing from side to side, "No, his heart is with another."

Bella's mouth made an 'o' shape, "Wendy."

Amelia turned around with a confused expression, "What? No, Felix. He hates Wendy."

Bella nodded, "Oh, I see. Well, I'll leave you to it. I'll bring you dinner in an hour. Try to get some rest. God knows you need it."


When Bella entered Amelia's room in the morning, she found the blond asleep... on the floor. Above her was a canvas, which now had a beautiful painting of Rosalie and Emmett.

Bella smiled before bending down to shake Amelia, who woke up with a start, mumbling something about "truest believer".

"Amelia, you have to get up. You don't want to be late for your first day back," Bella helped Amelia up, who looked around, dazed.

"Right, school." She grabbed her outfit she laid out the night before, "I'll just...get ready."

She walked past Bella, but nodded her head to the canvas, "Can you keep that in your car until lunch?"

Bella frowned, but walked over and grabbed the painting, "Why lunch?"

Amelia entered the bathroom, and shouted through the closed door, "I'm sitting with them today, and I plan to give it to them then."

Bella frowned, feeling envy wash over her, "They're letting you sit with them?"

Amelia opened the bathroom door, revealing her outfit while nodding. "Dr. Cullen said they wanted to talk with me today."

Bella frowned, but said nothing as she followed Amelia down the stairs and to the car.

"Do you want me to talk you up to....Edmund?"


"Yeah, him."

Bella shook her head, starting up the engine. "Don't you dare."

Amelia grinned, looking forward, "Alright." She had a devious look about her.

"I'm serious, Amelia."

Amelia said nothing, but hummed in response.

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