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Katrina looked out the room of her window, letting out a sigh. After a moment, her fourth month old baby could be heard crying in the cot next to her.

"Oh Zion," she whispered, standing up and making her way to the cot. She picked Zion up and rubbed his back gently. "I know, I miss daddy too," she cooed.

Now, Katrina and Michael had been together for over a year, however - just after Zion was born, he'd disappeared. Yes, just disappeared. No questions, no answers - he just vanished. Of course, he did leave a note - but it wasn't explanatory at all.

All it had read was: I need to clear my mind, I'm sorry.

So for four months, Katrina had been subjected to looking after her four month old son on her own. She had tried contacting Michael, but her attempts had failed. The last she had heard on the news was that he was in Fiji, but it was way too far for her and her baby to travel.

Suddenly, Zion began to cry - making Katrina let out a tired sigh as she rubbed his back.

"I know honey," she whispered. "I know,"


Later that afternoon, Katrina had managed to get Zion to fall asleep. Once she had done that, she had decided to go out for a walk whilst the babysitter kept an eye on her baby boy.

The sky was turning into a beautiful shade of violet - and the breeze was becoming a little colder than usual. Katrina brought her arms around herself to keep warm just before several footsteps could be heard from behind her.

She whipped around, and when her eyes landed on the sight before her - she gasped.

"Katrina..." Michael trailed off, taking a step toward her.

Katrina widened her eyes. She couldn't believe that Michael was standing before her. She thought he'd left forever.

"Katrina..." Michael took another step toward her before he was met with a sharp pain across the left side of his cheek.

Katrina had slapped him, and with good reason. Who would just leave their partner, with a newborn baby - with nothing more than a useless note?

"Katrina, I can explain-"

"Save it, dumbass," she spat back. "We have a son together, and you left just after he was born! What sort of a father does that?!"

"Look, I know it was wrong of me...but I was scared...I needed time to think!"

"Well then you should've thought about it before you stuck it in!" Katrina scoffed. "We're supposed to be a family, a unit,"

"I know," Michael sighed. "And I know that what I did was close to unforgivable - but give me time, I promise I'll never leave your side again,"

Katrina shook her head, folding her arms. She still loved Michael, of course. She was going to forgive him anyway.

"Fine," she mumbled, shaking her head.

Just as she was about to walk away, Michael pulled her back - hugging her from behind. As his hands moved lower, he whispered sincerely in her ear.

"Let me make it up to you,"

He really did. He wanted to make it up to her, as well as Zion. They were going to be the perfect family.

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