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Jake's POV:

We went into Dirk's room and I inspected every inch of the room. There were a lot of swords, robotic pieces, strange puppet thing-ies, and a very, VERY, creepy doll. "Welcome to my room." Dirk said. I smiled and giggled. I love him so much. I just hope he feels the same...

Dirk's POV:

HOLYFUCKHISLAUGHISSOCUTEIMGONNAFUCKINGBURST- I mean. Cool. Im cool Jake's looking. Perfectly cool...FUCK IM SO GAY. "So uhm...Jake?" "Hey, Dirk?" We said at the same time. "You go first." I said. Jake opened his mouth then closed it, cause he knows that I wont take 'no' for an answer. "Ah...mate. I-I know we haven't known you long enough b-but I really like y- mmpnhhh!" Before he could finish, I kissed his lips lovingly. I was shocked that he kissed back. (Detailed smut >♡<) I licked his lower lip asking for and enterance. He gladly gave it to me. I explored every inch of his mouth. I heard Jake moan and that turned me on quickly. I rubbed his crotch area and he squirmed and moaned loudly. I rubbed harder and harder as he moaned louder and louder. I smirked in the kiss. Then I realized: Dave was at his boyfriends house, me + home alone + a horny Jake = fun time. My smirk enlargened (so did his dick XD). "Dave's not here~ do you wanna-" before I could finish Jake kissed me deeply and filled with lust, and love. "You dont need to tell me twice~" Jake winked.

Okay too tired I will definitely continue this tomorrow cause it's currently 10:41 PM and Im lazy AF so I love you all and thanks for reading, voting, and commenting!!


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