Episode 3: Silver Heart

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I had dozed off apparently, cuz Honey licked my cheek

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I had dozed off apparently, cuz Honey licked my cheek.

She barked happily, letting me know that Cyan had food ready downstairs.

"Thanks, girl." I said, grumbling as I got up. "I guess I took a long nap." I flinched again.

She wanted to know if my hand hurt.

I wasn't going to tell her, but my hand was hurting. It was to be expected, though. It wasn't just going to heal overnight.

I picked Honey up and walked out of the room. I descended the carpeted stairs in a hurry, heading straight for the kitchen. It wasn't too big, but it was large enough to easily fit a table of five in addition to all the other usual furniture.

It even had a small window over the chrome sink, allowing a gentle breeze to sway the white curtains. Maybe it was just fatigue, but something about them felt otherworldly.

Cyan waited for us there. "Hey!" Cyan said, waving at us as soon as we stepped onto the peach-marble tiles. She had changed into a pink, ruffle-top and a pair of blue denim shorts while I was sleeping.

"Where did you get those from?" I sat at the table asked, pulling up a wooden chair at the round, red-wooden table.

"I keep everything in my terminal," she responded, smiling. "I even have a private shower in here. I was gonna ask if you wanted to borrow it, but that'd be kinda silly now."

A shower? That was crazy. How did it even work? Did she enter the device or did the shower pop out of it?

She handed me something that looked like a paper-thin smartphone. "I used this 'til that strange girl gave me a new terminal. Honestly, this place is amazing," she said as she set down plates of rice and vegetables and sat across from me. "While this place isn't all that big, that girl has to have some wealth in her to just give it to a couple of strangers like us."

Honey sat at my feet. She agreed, but that was because we'd been living under a tree for the last week or so.

Although how did Ame obtain this place? Hannah had told me some Protectors have ties with the higher ups of their world. Could Ame be in touch with some real estate developer or something?

"Been a while since I had a house," Cyan said, looking up from the table. "I've been camping and cooking to make money."

Camping? Had she been kicked out of her home? Why not rent an apartment? Or was rent here too expensive?

"How do you do it without a kitchen?" When I saw her food, I realized that Honey wasn't the only one who hadn't eaten much today.

She shook her head. "Like I said, I have everything I need in my terminal. Setting things up doesn't take much when you know what you're doing." Her eyes lit up as a giggle escaped her lips. "I'm happiest when I have someone to cook for!"

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