Chapter 1

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Short Summary

The summer after James is killed, a month before Bella's 18th birthday, Victoria makes her move. She had been stalking Bella for about a week to learn her routine and decided to strike when Edward would leave Bella alone for the short time before she goes to bed. It was a last minute decision to attack, so Alice did not see it until it was too late. Luckily Edward was close by and managed to get there on time to save Bella, but unfortunately does not make it to save Charlie. Victoria was destroyed but Bella had lost too much blood to remain human, but with not enough venom to complete the short three day time. Jasper is the first to arrive, long before the rest of the family. Edward did not want to risk being the one to complete the change with Bella being his singer and the situation being quite delicate, so Jasper does it instead considering his experience in changing humans.

The rest of the family arrives minutes after and Carlisle and the rest of the family take Bella back to the house, except for Jasper and Emmett who stay behind on clean-up duty. Thinking that Bella would enjoy some momentous from her human life, they grab clothes, pictures, her lap top, IPOD, and Jewelry Box. They then light the house on fire, leaving the rest of the town to piece together the mystery. The Cullen's make a story for the town, explaining how they are too upset with Bella's death to stay town, so the all pack up and head for their home in Montana. Now, Bella is going through the change and is getting ready to wake up.

(Bella's POV)

I finally felt the burning come to an abrupt stop. I opened my eyes and found myself staring at the ceiling. But it was so different. I was so different. I could smell so many different smells in the air and I could see every little detail. Every speck of dust, ever tiny crack in the ceiling. There were colors that I wasn't even aware existed. It was all so overwhelming!

I heard someone let out a breath from across the room. I immediately took up a defensive position in the corner of the room, growling at the source of the noise.

I could see all the Cullen's lined up against the wall on the far side of the bedroom. I seemed to be in a guest bedroom of sorts. All I knew was that I definitely wasn't in Forks anymore.

Jasper was at the very front of the group near the bathroom, and Carlisle and Emmett were flanking him. Alice, Rosalie and Esme were behind the guys and Edward was against the wall closest to the bed that I was laying on.

I was feeling defensive, frustrated, amused, love, curious, and lust filled. But these weren't my emotions. I could tell! What's even more odd was that I could tell exactly who was feeling what.

Carlisle was curious, Emmett was amused, Rosalie was defensive, Esme, always the mother figure was feeling love, Alice was curious, Edward was curious and frustrated, and Jasper was feeling...lust? Well I supposed I was a vampire now.

I decided that there was no reason for me to act all defensive. They were my family! They weren't going to hurt me. I slowly stood up from my crouch. Everyone was still silent and it was starting to scare me. Was something wrong with me?

"No, nothin's wrong with ya darlin." Jasper injected, probably feeling my emotions. "We just don't know what to make of you. Your so controlled. You should be all over the place growling and snarling at us."

"Is that wrong?" I asked and then slapped my hand over my mouth. My voice sounded so different! All most bell like and musical.

"No...not wrong." Carlisle added. "Just unusual and very impressive." I nodded my head in acceptance.

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