Chapter 22

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        Harry Styles hadn’t been accustomed to hearing the word no very often. In fact, ever since his brain injury he’s pretty much gotten everything he’s asked for from his family and friends because they felt a sort of responsibility to keep the boy as happy as possible. But when Harry had finally come to terms with the fact that Louis wouldn’t be able to see him right when he wanted, all hell broke loose.


                He crinkled his face sadly and started sobbing into Anne’s shoulder in the middle of the parking lot. Anne sighed and rubbed small circles into the soothing spot on Harry’s back. Dr. Flack had taught her to find certain pressure points on Harry’s hands, back and forehead to get him to calm down from tantrums.  “Shh, shh… Baby, I think you’re being a little bit of a drama queen.” She chuckled softly. “He’s only gonna be gone for a couple weeks.”

                “I no see- for long- time- Mama, f-friend!” Harry choked out in between dramatic hiccups. Anne sighed and gently stroked his hair. “Listen, do you wanna go inside and meet some new friends? Maybe you’ll have a bit of fun.” She said enthusiastically to which Harry responded with a high pitched shriek while shaking his head frantically.

                “C’mon, bubba. You need to be a big boy for me today. No more tears, c’mon.” Anne hummed and quickly wiped Harry’s cheeks before gently pulling him out of the car by his hands. “AHHHHHH!” Harry screamed and sat down on the pavement, knowing that Anne couldn’t lift him back up.

                “No sir.” Anne said sternly and knelt down in front of Harry, turning his chin towards her. “That just lost you three stickers, young man. Keep it up, and you’ll be grounded for the rest of the day.” She warned. Harry stared at his mother furiously and put his hands on her face, squishing her cheeks together; trying to make her look silly. Anne was seriously losing her patience with him and resorted to something she never would’ve thought of.

                “No, Harry! I’m not in the mood. Now, you can either pull yourself together and go to camp, or I can give your father a call and see how he’d like to deal with it.” She warned and raised her eyebrow. Harry stared at her challengingly and folded his arms. “Alright then, you’re grounded and I’m calling Papa.” Anne shrugged and put Harry’s seatbelt back on before getting in the car herself and driving them home.

                By the time they arrived at the house, Anne literally had to drag Harry through the front door, fighting against his kicking and screaming. “GEM!” She called up the stairs and kept a firm grip on Harry’s forearm. Gemma jogged down the stairs and frowned at the scene Harry was making.

                Before Gemma could ask what had happned, Anne ordered her to get Des on the phone. “Are you serious?” Gemma asked surprised, not expecting Anne to be that upset with Harry. “Does it look like I’m joking?” Anne asked with an irritated tone while trying to keep Harry from kicking her shin. Gemma sighed, but dialed Des on her phone.

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