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It all started in a housewarming party.

Evelyn and Seth moved in next door about 2 months ago and now that they were finally settled into the house and neighborhood, they had thrown a housewarming on that Saturday night. Evelyn had been talking about this party for weeks now and we were both relieved that the day was finally here. She was one of those over-planners that planned things way ahead of time and she was still stressed out till the day of the party. It kind of defeated the purpose of planning ahead if you asked me.

I met Evelyn Williams through Seth, her husband, about three years ago when my husband, Nathan, was promoted to detective. Nathan and Seth became really good friends which was expected since they spent so much time together at work. Naturally, Evelyn and I also began to spend a lot of time together and we became inseparable since they moved in next door.

I'd never had a real girlfriend before. My best friend growing up, Patrick, was a guy and the only one I ever really needed. He was a handful. I hadn't seen Patrick in a while now, considering he lived in Miami and it wasn't exactly close to New York. Though we still talked from time to time over the phone.

I was a little skeptical about Evelyn mostly because she wasn't a mother. After I had my firstborn, Sophia, I realized how hard it was to keep relationships with non-parents. We lived really different lives. Evelyn was different though because she loved children. She and Seth had been trying to become parents for about two years now but it hadn't happened yet. I knew Evelyn didn't want my pity but I did feel a bit sorry for her. My babies were the best thing to happen to me. Being a mother has been the hardest and best experience of my life.

Evelyn and I got along really well and we spent a lot of time together since our husbands spent so much time at work. Nathan had been a detective for three years now and sometimes it felt like I was still adjusting to the change. Seth, his partner and Evelyn's husband, had been a detective for over five years and I often wondered if the stress from work ever affected their marriage like it did with Nathan and I sometimes. He spent so much time away from home...sometimes I felt like I hated his job which made me feel bad because I knew how much he loved it.


I turned my head and saw Nathan behind me. He put his arm around my waist and pressed me to him in an embrace before pulling away. "Hey," I said as he stood next to me.

We were in the living room, about an hour into the party though Nathan wouldn't know. I was wondering when he was going to grace me with his presence, I'm sure Evelyn was thinking the same thing about Seth by the way they were huddled in the corner right now. They seemed to be arguing. Our neighbors and friends and family of Evelyn and Seth filled the rest of the living room. There were no children, only adults. Everyone was mingling around, picking at Evelyn's exceptional appetizers and drinks. I brought my wine glass up to my lips and took a sip.

"Sorry we're late," Nathan said next to me. "We have a hard case going on right now."

You always do. "Okay," I said looking down at the wine.

"The kids?"

"With Rachel." I told him then reached for my phone, looking to see if I had any missed calls though I knew Sophia and Liam couldn't be more safe with Rachel. My sister-in-law was the one person I trusted with my kids other than Nathan, of course. It was crazy to think that Sophia was 6 and Liam was 4 years old already. Where had time gone? I loved my little ones more than anything in the world. I missed them but I hadn't had a Saturday night without kids in so long, it was hard to not enjoy it. I always felt guilty whenever I enjoyed myself without the kids. I had to remind myself that it was okay to do that once in a while.