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sooo.... My app on the phone FINALLY is letting me create the storys!!! :D It's a bit limited, but It'll do for now because now I can update more often!!!! :3 Sooo, hhere's the chapter you guys have been bugging me for!!! ^u^ And check out Go Radio's cover of Rolling In The Deep by Adele. I freaking fell in love with that cover, and I hate that song!! :o


"I'm ready!" I said as I rushed out of my room to the people.

"Let us go!" said Ashy, running towards the door.

Everybody else got up and followed her.

I locked the door and followed them downstairs, outside to my car. Andy climbed in the passenger side, whhile I got in the drivers side and Ashy, Dahvie, and Monica got in the back. Jayy, Ashley, Jinxx, Jake, Cc, and Austin piled into Austin's tiny ass car. I don't know how, but they did somehow.

We pulled out of the parking lot for the apartments and drove to the mall where I found a parking space next to Austin.

I got out and waited for everybody. Ashy got out and ran up to the mall's entrance.

"MALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!" she shouted, earning some weird stares from passerbys. Cc and Dahvie followed her, doing the same. Jinxx and Jake shook their heads and jogged after them, whil Andy, Jayy, Austin, me, Monica, and Ashley just giggled and walked slowly up to the doors, making sure to agitate Ashy.

Once up there, we all rushed inside and ran to Hot Topic.

"I frigging love it here!!" said Dahvie.

I nodded, smiling. "There's nothing better than Hot Topic."

While we looked around (and Ashy scared the living shit out of everybody) the employees were gawking at BVB and BOTDF. I smirked when Andy walked up to the counter to buy a few t-shirts and the lady up there almost fainted.

I grabbed a few BVB shirts, some All Time Low shirts, a BOTDF shirt, a shitload of band bracelets, a BVB hat (A/N: Yes, they DO sell BVB baseball-like hats at Hot Topic. Well, they do at the one where I live.) a pair of pink robot earrings (A/N: I actually own some. They were only 3 dollars!) some neon colored eye shadow, pop rocks, nail polish, a BOTDF cd, a BVB cd, and a FIR cd, then joined Andy to pay for my stuff.

After paying for the stuff, we went outside and sat on the benches to wait for everybody else. Andy looked a bit nervous.

"Skye... I-I know we just met, but I was wondering... Do you, maybe, want to go on a date with me tonight?" he asked, scratching the back of his neck and looking down.

"Sure! I'd love to." I said, smiling. He looked up and grinned the cheesiest grin I've ever seen.

"Awesome! I'll pick you up at 8, after I get ready." he said.

At that moment, everybody came out of the store.

"Skye, are there any really awesome stores around here?" asked Jinxx.

"Yeah. There's a Gamestop right around the corner, then a ton of toy stores. If you guys want, we can split up then meet at the food court around 2 or 3 for lunch." I suggested.

"Yes!" they said in unision.

"Okay, I'll be with Andy, then you guys can go wherever you want." I said.

They nodded, then split off into groups and ran away. Ashy went with Dahvie, Jayy, and Austin, Jinxx and Jake went to Gamestop, whil Cc, Ashley, and Monica went God knows where.

Andy grabbed my hand and we just strolled along. We passed Spencers, so I dragged him back to it and pulled him inside. I know Spencers has a lot of... Sexual... stuff, but It's fun to look around. One time I saw a book on how to read what your shit is telling you. (A/N: I'm dead serious. I saw it, and it was hilarious! There was also a book on sex positions! xD)

Andy laughed a lot, and I was looking at the backpacks. He was on the other side of the store, so I grabbed the Batman backpack I had been looking at and paid for it, shoving it in the bag underneath all of the stuff I bought at Hot Topic. (A/N: the Batman backpack is basically just a really big plushie Batman with straps and a compartment in the back. It's awesome!)

Andy came up beside me and we left, exploring the mall some more. We came to Off The Wall and I went inside, buying a white shirt that said "I'm Sexy And I Know it" in big, sparkly pink bubble letters and knee high rainbow colored converse. By the time we were done, it was around 2:30, so we went upstairs to the Food Court.


Sorry for all the authors notes. :/

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