Chapter Thirteen

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Sammy was instructed to stay in the hospital wing for the next week. Duncan didn't like sleeping in his room alone but he knew it was best for Sammy to stay in the infirmary. But the next Monday Ms. Harts (The Nurse) allowed Sammy to eat lunch with Wren and Duncan. The three did not eat lunch in the cafeteria nor did they eat on the picnic tables outdoors, they snuck their food to the boys' dorm room which was against the academy rules. Sammy had a cup of tea with a ham sandwich and some hard cookie-like thing. Duncan had a bowl of chicken noodle soup. And Wren ate a salad.

"What even is that?" Duncan asks Sammy, referring to the cookie-like food on his plate.

"It's a biscuit." Sammy shrugs like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"That is not a biscuit, biscuits are made from bread." Duncan says

"My apologies, this is a British biscuit. It's like a cookie." Sammy says and takes a bite of the "biscuit".

Duncan wrinkled his nose.

"You wanna try it? It's yummy!" Sammy grinned

"No thanks." Duncan shook his head and continued to eat his lunch.

Suddenly Wren threw her lunch to the ground and gripped her head. She screamed. Duncan tried to calm the girl down. Sammy kneeled down beside her with his half eaten biscuit in his mouth.

"What's wrong with her?" Duncan yells over Wren's screams.

Sammy shrugs, not being able to speak because of the biscuit in his mouth.

Suddenly Wren stopped and shakily looked up at Duncan with tears in her eyes.

"Susie...She's going to die." Wren mumbles.

"How do you know?" Duncan asks her.

"I-I can't explain it. I saw it happen. M-Miss Drake attacked her..." Wren mumbles.

"Banshee..." Sammy mumbles once he removed the biscuit from his mouth. He was lost in thought, recalling what he had read in the library.

"What?" Duncan asks him.

"Nevermind." Sammy walked back to his mug of tea that sat on the desk and took a sip.

"We have to find Susie. Right now!" Wren yells and runs to the room door. Duncan followed.

"Come on! I haven't finished my tea!" Sammy complains.

"I'll buy you some more later, come on!" Duncan says and he and Wren ran out of the room.

"Bloody hell." Sammy groaned before following his friends with the biscuit still in his hand.

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