One: In the Beginning

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Medusa stops at her favorite spot within the heart of the town, an old art gallery. She loved looking at all the different colors and brushstrokes the artists used. Medusa, in her free time, took to painting and drawing, as well as reading stupid Shakespearean plays. She huffs again.

She turns away from the window to make her way to the door, but she barely makes it three steps before she crashes into a small body and very hot, very sticky liquid spills down the front of her attire.

"Hovno," came from the second party.

With her anger quickly rising, she used her hand to wipe the excess beverage from her torso. Medusa turns to her attacker and slings a train of insults, "You knavish, clay-brained, hempseed." She looked at the impish girl and pushed her away. The girl stumbled and fell on her bottom. A low growling came from the girl's companion, a chocolate Labrador retriever, attached to her waist by a leash. The girl, now on the ground, grabbed the handle on the back of the canine's vest. Service Dog the vest read.

Dread filled Medusa and the anger quickly left her as she scrambled to help the girl. The dog didn't allow her to get far before it tried to bite Medusa. She pulled herself back and the snakes on her head became unsettled and hissed back at the canine through the head wrap. The dog growled louder.

"Bear, žiadny." The girl commanded the dog in a language Medusa didn't understand. The dog backed away from the snake-haired woman but continued to growl lowly in its chest. The girl pet the dog's head, it calmed down more. Medusa tried again to reach for the girl, slowly. When the hellhound made no move to take her hand again, Medusa grabbed the girl's already outstretched hand.

"I'm so sorry." The small girl said with a heavy accent that wasn't common in the town. "I didn't see you." The girl laughed to herself.

"Don't worry about it, child." Medusa drawled out.

The girl quirked her head. "I'm no child." She began, "I'm twenty-two."

Medusa smiled. "To me, that is nothing, young one. I'm quite a bit older than twenty-two."

The girl puffed and the action blew her hair from her face. Medusa noticed that the tips of her hair were dyed a dark green. It blended nicely with the girl's black hair. Her dark hair fell just above her shoulders and framed her face. Though, Medusa could tell that there blonde roots hardly coming in at the top of her head. Medusa looked at the girl's face. Her face was subtly heart-shaped, but her jawline was sharp and pointed into her chin. Her nose was thin and peppered with light freckles and her cheekbones were high on her face. On the left side of girl's nose was a diamond stud. And on her face, as well, were pink heart-shaped sunglasses, which Medusa found adorable, yet odd. No one else, besides herself, wore sunglasses in the night, and she doubted that this girl could turn people to stone.

The girl wore a now ruined white t-shirt with a cat on it. The shirt wouldn't be salvaged but the black skinny jeans that stuck to the girl's legs would be saved. Hurray for small victories. Medusa thought jokingly. Lastly, the girl's feet were small but seemed larger for the chunky black boots she wore.

"You've already met Bear." The girl said, pulling Medusa's attention to her face once again. "And I'm Ella." The girl, now Ella, aimlessly reached out her hand. Medusa stared at it. Never before had someone offered to shake hands with her and definitely no one had gotten close enough to introduce themselves. Medusa realized that she was taking too long to respond and reached for Ella's hand. "Medusa."

"That's unique. Are you wearing gloves?" Ella asked as she let go of Medusa's hand. Medusa stared at her. Was this girl really a fool? Or was she asking why Medusa was wearing gloves on a warm night like this one?

"Uh, yes," Medusa said as she looked around. Townspeople had noticed the commotion and had stopped to stare but once Medusa gave them a hard look through the sunglasses in her own face, they went along on their merry way again.

"Alright." The girl - Ella - shrugged. "Nice to meet you, Medusa. You owe me another coffee." With that, Ella clicked her tongue twice and she and Bear strolled in the opposite direction of the snake woman.

Intrigued like never before, Medusa followed.

AN: Hey guys! Long time, no see. SO this Author's note is kind of important.

I'd like to start off by saying I hope y'all enjoyed the very first chapter of my new co-written book Green.

For those of you who have read Missing Wings, this book is completely different. First, Green gonna be co-written with my dear friend Paulina (and I couldn't be more excited) Secondly, it's gonna have some different themes. In this book, there is going to a theme involving LGBT+ and mythological stuff. For those of you that do not support the LGBT+ community, this book may not be for you and I don't need you trying to tell me that that lifestyle is wrong or whatever. Take your opinions elsewhere.

Also, for those of you who have started to read my other story A Little More, I'm sorry to inform you that it is on a temporary Hiatus and I am not sure when I will be continuing that adventure. If you were deeply into it, and if there are enough of you who want me to continue (leave a comment here), I will go back and try updating and spitting out chapters but as of right now, I am not writing for it.

For this book, since I am co-writing it with Paulina, it might take some time to get out certain chapters, depending on how much editing there needs to be down. We're going to try not to half-ass this one. There's also going to be some instances where I use a different language and for those of you who speak that language, I'm sorry if anything is wrong, blame google translate. But I will provide translations at the end of the chapters with the other languages.

The excerpt in the beginning of the chapter is from William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, 1596. The insult given by the lovely Medusa is also Shakespearean but one of my own combination.

Hovno Slovak for shit.

Žiadny is Slovak for no.

My apologies for the longest author's note ever, but there was a lot that needed to be said. xx Daniella_Nicole_

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