Chapter one

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Story starts right after the wedding.

Laksh is looking at Ragini with love filled eyes. "Wow Ragini I'm so happy finally your mother agrees to the wedding! I love you!".

Ragini looks at him. "Laksh please we haven't even reached your home and you are trying to buttering me with your cheesy talks! Don't you have some shame!".

Laksh shook his head. "If I had some shame then I wouldn't be so determined in marrying you! Don't think that you were the only woman in my mind. Well at least as far as I know mom said there a few interested ones!".

Ragini looked at him. Her nose was flattering in anger. "What you mean? You don't love me? You want someone else?".

Laksh shook his head. "Ragini I'm just joking! I love you yaar, don't think anything else!". He hold her hand but she jerked it away.

Laksh pouts. What yaar I think I won't get my Suhaag raat {wedding night} she is angry now. It's written on her nose only. I have to do something to cheer her up. But what?.

Laksh comes closer to her slowly but Ragini was sitting there with crossed arms around her chest. "Laksh don't you dare to...".

She closed her eyes. He comes closer to her ear and blows with air in her ear. "Baacha I'm sorry!". He whispers in her ear and she shies.

"Laksh!". She rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes for a moment. 

Laksh was happy he rested his chin on her head. "Baacha I'm happy finally I have you in my life as my life partner!".

Ragini smiles. She turns her face more on to his chest and hides in his shirt. "Laksh I...!".

Ring ring...

"Mummy ka call! {mom's call}!".

Laksh pouts. Uff gosh I haven't reached home with my wife and my MIL is calling! What will happen in future?.

Ragini received the call.
"Maa I miss you too!"

What she miss her... he checked his watch. We left 10 min. ago how can she miss her?.

Janki was missing Ragini.
"Ragini you are my only child to give you away is like giving a part of my life away! How can I not miss you!".

Ragini's eyes were filling with tears.
"Maa why are you saying it like this? I will be always your girl! Please don't think that I'm leaving you I'm coming tomorrow morning you don't worry!".

What tomorrow morning. But what is with me? Doesn't she wants to spend some moments with me?.

Janki was happy.
"Laado you take rest who knows what the man besides you has decided for the first night. But listen to me! You are a doctor you know all the preventative medicine to care of your! I don't need to explain!".

Ragini nods.
"Haan Maa you don't worry. I'm not ready for a child yet. We have time a lot of time. Maa we are reaching home I will call you in the morning before I will come to meet you!".

Baacha? We are not ready yet but what are we going to do? I mean My Wedding night will take place or not?.

Laksh was thinking about it but he was lost in his thoughts when Ragini shook him. "Laksh please we reached home!".

Laksh looked at her. "Haan Ragini. Wait I will open the door!". He was about to open it but the little brat did it.

Angad opens the door. "Chachi! {aunty} please come!". He took her hand and pulls her.

Ragini smiles at him and was following inside the house.

AP shouts. "Ragini Wait! You can't enter the house without a proper Gharparwesh (sorry for mistake in advance). Let me get a Pooja thali to take your Aarti, then you will come into the house by kicking the pot with rice! Then you will place your feet's into the thali with the water with vermilion. And make your way into the house!".

Ragini nods. Laksh come and stands next to her. He was trying to hold her hand but she jerked it away. "Laksh!". It was Angad who come and hold the hand of both.

AP was taking the Aarti of RagLak, Ragini did everything as AP has asked her to do it. "Laksh we will arrange Ragini you wait till we call you!".

Laksh was excited. "Haan Maa I know!". Laksh was waiting with the other men's as all women were up in RagLak room.

Swara looked at the arrangement. "Wow this bed looks so beautiful!".

Pari nods. "You know Ragini, Laksh arranged it  all by himself!".

Ragini was happy and impressed.

One man entered the room. All women were gone.

"I'm here!".

Ragini widen her eyes!. "Angad?".

Angad nods. "Chachi I will sleep here with you!". He jumped on the bed just then Laksh enters the room. He throw a pillow on his feet's and shows on the sofa.

Laksh looked at them. Both cuddles and fall asleep...

Laksh bend down and hold the pillow in his hands as if the world was dying...

He slept alone on the couch

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He slept alone on the couch... Ouch!

What say?

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