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Holland's pov

"PEAKABOO" a voice said and immediately turned off the light

"Who are you, show yourself" I yelled, the person kept flicking the light

I can hardly see, the light is gonna blind me if am not careful, I raised my hand to guide my eyes.

The light finally became stable and I looked up

Ugh it's doctor maniac

"What do you want" I yelled, anger in my voice, I could kill this man

"Uhn uhn" he said saying no by demonstrating with his finger

"Have told you, try killing me when you master your powers" he let out a laugh

I glared at him and was moving back as he was coming forward

"I just wanna say I have completed phase one of my plan" he chuckled "i deserve a cheer don't you think " he smiled gracefully.

"You bastard,what did you do" I yelled

"Let's just say I succeeded in getting to Kristen and now she's gonna take care of you  from now on" he  laughed again

If I accidentally get to him am gonna have two words tattooed on his forehead and its  "I SUCK"  In capital letter.

"Well too bad your plan failed cause she's Dead" I scoffed, am trying to hide the guilt in my voice.

"Darling" he stepped forward and traced his fingers on my face.

"She's not dead, she completing another phase of my plan" he laughed heartily and walked out.

Then I remembered the voice
"That girl ain't dead"

I ran out of my ward and ran to the nurse by the counter

"I need to leave discharge me now" I yelled

"But miss um" she quickly checked the record of people brought and placed in emergency room

"Miss Holland, you can't leave your mother sa......." I cut her off

"You ain't my damn mother so sign me out" I banged the counter and left.

Daryls pov

I was walking late at night,  I was just coming back from the club, I left Travis there

I must say that guy is one bad ass hole,  he has had five vodkas and has passed out on

The club's couch, believe me I tried to help him but instead he turned to the other side of the couch.

I was almost on my bike when a girl crashed into me

And we both fell on the ground

"Hey watch it will you" I yelled and rubbed my temple

She just got and was about leaving but I dragged her back

"Hey didn't you learn manners, AR.... Holland! Why the Yell where you running like that?" I asked

"I-i" she just kept breathing really hard

"Okay just calm down" I patted her back

she tried to talk but passed out and I caught her before she fell

I can't put her on my bike she might fall and I definitely can't trek home

"How about a ride" Ian suggested

"I get you ian" I smirked

I placed her on my back and then poof

Am home.

I jumped to my window and entered,  I closed the window and placed Holland gently on my bed, I tucked her in and unbuttoned my shirt and layed beside her.

Kristen's pov

I put on some crop top and high waist denim jeans

I combed my hair and discovered part of my hair has turned red

"Classy" I smirked

I heard footsteps coming up the door, the door opened and hides behind it.

"Kristen, kristen" he said

I attacked and slashed his neck causing him to fall to the ground.

I checked my claws and blood was dripping out of it

I licked it "not bad "

"Next stop the Kingston residence, what do you say Trish how about we pay Holland a friendly vist" I asked my were coyote

"Yes, of course what else would I say I haven't had enough blood since years" she replied.


I got in and sat on my chair

That Holland brat will soon be out of my way

I laughed heartily, soon my window shattered causing to get up quickly and a wolf entered and shifted back to human

"Brother, what a rough way to come visit" I crossed my arms

" I see you have released Trish, but to what good cause are you trying use the monster" he arched a brow while his red eye flashed bright.

"Oh you will see" I replied while staring at the window and closing my hand like as if I wanna pray.

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