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Maybe it wasn't the most responsible way of handling things, but I decided to lay low for the rest of the weekend. That mainly consists of staying in my room watching Netflix, eating pizza rolls and ignoring my cell phone. 

In a way, I understand Lucy's action. I mean in no way do I condone the cheating, but it was a relationship that I entered already knowing that I wasn't going to give her what she needed. I just foolishly kept thinking we were on the same page.

But Miles was my friend. From his point of view, Lucy was my girlfriend and he still kissed her. He still crossed that line knowing full well what it meant. He knew it was wrong and still he kissed her. 

What Miles and Lucy have done and where we all stand now is black and white. Levi, however, is thrown into a grey area and I don't know how to handle it. 

I mean we're friends, right? He made it clear that we were friends despite my relationship with his sister. But does that include where his sister and I stand now? It's no secret that I have really come to like Levi and the mere thought that we can't be friends anymore because of this mess hurts.

"Brandon!" Max yells through the hallway before his fist starts banging on my bedroom door, "Brandon, mom says you have to take me to the batting cages!" 

I roll my eyes at him, knowing full well that my mom didn't say that. She may suggest that I spend time with him and take him to the batting cages with me, but never in my life has my mother ever told me I have to do anything. 

"Mom did not say that," I deadpan as my door swings open and I give Max the look. 

The one that says, I may be a teenager but I'm not dumb. It's an effective look for me and usually gets me out of a lot of things. 

Max looks flustered for a minute like he wasn't expecting me to disagree with him after he tossed in mom's name. He recovers quickly, pointing an accusatory finger in my face.

"You haven't left the house all weekend!" his eyes brows are dipped low and I can see he is trying to seem intimidating, but it doesn't work on me. 

It's adorable though. 

"Brandon, Honey, you have a visitor!" my mom yells up the stairs.

"And your point is?" I ask Max in a bored tone, pushing past him before he stomps away to his room. 

I have to hand it to Max though, he tried to get what he wanted from me. But I'm the master and he hasn't learned all my secrets yet.  

I make my ways down the stairs, already working in my head what I'm going to tell Gunner for ignoring his texts the last couple of days. Maybe I could tell him I was sick? 

I could pull off sick if I tried really hard. Better yet, I lost my phone charger again. It wouldn't be the first time I left it in my locker at school. 

"Hi," I freeze when I round the stairs into the living room and come face to face with Levi. 

He shoves his hands into his jean pockets, glancing at his converse before looking up at me with a small smile. 

Although I wasn't looking forward to dealing with Gunner, Levi was the last person that I expected to be here. 

In my living room.

In my living room looking like he just stepped out of a magazine. 

"Hey," even I can hear the uncertainty in my voice but I hope he doesn't call me on it. 

It's just a shock to see him here. Surely he has better things to do than visit his sister's ex. Although as a big brother myself, I could see him coming to I don't know defend his sister? 

Silence surrounds us as we both think of what to say. My mind keeps trying to blurt out whatever topic jumps out first, but I don't want to be the one to break this silence. 

Levi obviously had a reason for coming here and I want to know why.

"Here you are, Levi," my mom walks in holding a small glass of water, before sitting on the couch and looking at us expectantly. 

She's curious about what's going on. I'm not sure she had ever met Levi before but I don't want her involved in whatever is about to be said. On top of everything else, I can't have the fact that I'm gay coming out too. 

"So what are you boys up too?" I can see Levi open his mouth, but I cut him off before any words can escape. 

"I'm taking Max to the batting cages and invited Levi to join, as he doesn't have a younger brother." my words are rushed but I get no sign of protest from Levi. 

I sigh as I move towards the stairs. Why of all things, did I have to say that I was taking Max?! It would have been so much easier to leave Max out of it, but it's too late now. 

"Max! Let's go!" I shout up the stairs, motioning to Levi to follow me to the door. 

Levi thanks my mom for the water, before following after me. I quickly slip on my vans and grab my keys from the hook as Max comes racing down the stairs! He looks excited as I nod my head to his unasked question and as soon as he sees Levi his excitement triples. 

Like it was rehearsed, Max high fives Levi before they start doing some sort of best friend handshake. 

"Okay, well be back in time for dinner. It was nice to meet you, Levi." My mom says, kissing Max on the cheek.

She tries to step towards me, but I give her a look, begging her not to embarrass me in front of Levi. She acknowledges me with a smile before moving back into the living room. 

Let's go." Levi wraps his arm around Max's shoulder before they both walk to my jeep like they're best buddies. 

Max talked to Levi the entire time. In part, I was grateful that I didn't need to fill any awkward silences because I wouldn't even know where to start. I'm worried if we start talking about Lucy and Miles that I might overreact and blurt out what really bothered me about the whole thing. 

Levi has the kind of eyes that mixed with the right question would be my undoing. Every secret, every emotion would come spilling before us and nothing I do would stop it.

It's already hard enough to focus and not turn to jelly everytime I notice him look at me from the passenger seat as I drive. 

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