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Taehyung's POV

Some mistakes cost you a lot, some just don't matter.

"M-mianhe." I mumbled. She shoved off the snow from her drawing pad and glared at me. "Mianhae, Mianhae." I slowly backed off. She got up and moved towards me.

Her looks. She was so pretty, had flawless skin, silky brown hair tied into a ponytail. Her eyes were puffed up and cheeks stained from tears.

I wonder why I didn't notice her this much in that corridor.

Others around us gathered to see the scene unfold. "Taehyung, is that your name?" She said in a husky tone. "Mianhe~" I cooed and did some aegyo, not at all convincing her.

"You ruined my mood once again, I-" I knew it was going to be a lecture, so the only way out was-

"To err is human, to forgive is divine. And, we learn from our mistakes." I patiently said with my eyes closed. This always worked.

Then I opened them gradually and she was again sitting on the bench, drawing something. I looked around, Jimin was nowhere to be seen, so I took a seat besides her and snatched the pad from her.

I gasped

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I gasped. "Give it back." Was what she replied. I pouted at this and gave her pad back.

"Look, Tae or whatever your name is, you are talking with the wrong person. You may go away."

"I wasn't even asking you whether I should go away or not, okay? I will go away if I wish, won't if I desire not. You are no one to decide what this particular body must do." She rolled her eyes at this.

"I am so good at dialogues." I said cheerfully. "What is life? A movie for you?" She got irritated. "You are boring, simply boring. What the hell are you even drawing?"

"It's a girl walking on a snowy path and those are the trees around. They are similar to the ones around my house." She patiently said and took a long breath.

"It's horrible." I pressed my lips and nodded at her. "Just horrible." I said again. "That's disturbing me babes. You must have drawn something cheerful, bright, optimistic. But what you choose is dark forest and all trash."

"Shut up!" She mumbled. "What?" I asked. "SHUT UP!" she yelled.

"YOU ARE TELLING ME TO SHUT UP??? WHAT HAVE I DONE???" I yelled back. "WHAT HAVE YOU NOT DONE? YOU ARE-" "Stop it!" Said Jin, The old teacher of the school.

"Why are you both fighting?" "It's all his fa-" "No it's because of he-" "WHAT? ARE YOU TRYING TO ACCUSE ME? FOR NO REASON?" "NO REASON? YOU DRAW SO-" The argument began again.

"You people seriously need to stop. 2 hours of detention, both of you." He sighed and went away. "UGHHH!!!" She stomped her feet and rushed away with her drawing pad.

Recess ended and I sat on my seat next to Jimin again. "Hey buddy! Where did you go?" I asked. "To pee." He replied, more like lied.

School ended sooner than expected and I was in a room small in area, meant to be the detention room. She was sitting on a chair at the back and I took a seat behind her. She totally ignored me.

I rested my head down on the desk and made an unsuccessful attempt to sleep. Having nothing to do, what I decided to do of all the heavenly things was to play with her mood.

"YAH! You are beautiful." I said. "ME WHAT???" she was flabbergasted.

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